Flavorful Fusion: 5 Restaurants Blending Influence

July 16, 2023
Assorted dishes from Takoi

Photo courtesy of Takoi

When you think of most restaurants, it’s fairly easy to identify which cuisine they fall into. However, with fusion restaurants, the lines are delightfully blurred to combine ingredients and cooking styles to create new and innovative dishes. Metro Detroit is home to many restaurants exploring fusion cooking styles and elevating them to the extreme. Check out these local places the next time you’re in the mood for something just a little bit different than the norm. 


2520 Michigan Avenue, Detroit

Takoi started as a food truck in 2014 and evolved into a brick-and-mortar restaurant with a long list of accolades. Their Asian-inspired menu also pulls from other cuisines to create dishes like their BBQ Brisket Panang Curry and their take on a Fried Chicken Sandwich which is served with coconut milk ranch and papaya salad.

Shrimp dish from Takoi
Photo courtesy of Takoi

Johnny Noodle King

2601 West Fort Street, Detroit

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Johnny Noodle King is an area favorite for all things Asian-inspired noodles. But a quick glance at their menu will have you noticing other cultural nods such as lobster rangoons and a Southwest Verde noodle bowl. 

Assorted dishes from Johnny Noodle King
Photo courtesy of Johnny Noodle King


4842 Grand River Avenue, Detroit

BARDA is an Argentinian restaurant specializing in live-fire cooking. Their menu is all about creating food that is flavorful with amazing ingredients and then placing it over fire. Customers are sure to recognize tried and true favorites like burrata and Ceasar salad with an Argentinian twist and of course, a kiss of fire. 

King of Beets from BARDA
King of Beets from BARDA

Bar Pigalle

2916 John R Street, Detroit

Bar Pigalle is a restaurant serving modern French fare and cocktails inside of a historic building. Although they nod heavily to French cuisine, there are some hidden gems on their menu including the Pigalle Burger, which, at this time, is only served at the bar. 

Boeuf Tartar from Bar Pigalle
Boeuf Tartar from Bar Pigalle

Basan Detroit

2703 Park Avenue, Detroit

Basan Detroit takes everyday ingredients and puts an Asian twist on them. Their popular Tornado Potato is served with Sriracha mayo and pickled ginger and their take on chicken wings includes a gochujang dry rub and kimchi ranch for dipping.