Metro D’s Flint Eastwood on Small Victories EP, Recording & New Tour

By: Amber Ogden | February 23, 2016
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Singer-songwriter Jax Anderson is the voice behind Metro Detroit pop project Flint Eastwood, and her latest EP, “Small Victories,” is full of heart. Released in October of last year, the album is very personal, and shares how Anderson coped with the death of her mother.

“She was my best friend in the whole world, and losing her was an extremely difficult time for me,” Anderson said. “So like with most hard things in my life, I took to music to process and heal.”

“Small Victories” was recorded at Detroit’s Assemble Sound, the city’s second oldest church, turned music studio. Being able to collaborate on every track for this album was a major growing experience for Anderson.

“I think for any artist, each release is an evolution,” she said. “For me, I definitely embraced my pop roots a lot more this time around.”

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Anderson kicked off her Small Victories Tour in Mount Pleasant last Friday, and you can catch Flint Eastwood live at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on Saturday, April 9 and at The Loft in Lansing on Saturday, April 23.

The best part of playing, according to Anderson, is the way being a musician allows connections with fans on a physical and emotional level, unlike any other art form.

“I’m influenced by everything in life—could be a random song that’s played at a coffee shop, could be a new track on a playlist,” she said. “I try to be as perceptive to all types of inspiration as possible.”

Of what’s yet to come, Anderson said she sees herself continuing to write music, performing and challenging herself as an artist, all on a much larger scale.

For now, fans can enjoy Flint Eastwood’s six-track EP, “Small Victories,” on Bandcamp.

“Detroit’s music scene continues to grow and thrive because of our new willingness to collaborate,” Anderson said. “We’ve become a very welcoming and tight knit community over the past few years and I’m excited to see where it takes us all.”

For more on Flint Eastwood, visit the official website or Facebook page.