A French Trio: Fries, Dips, and Onion Soups

January 19, 2024
plate of french dip sliders with french fries and a cup of au jus from Griffin Claw Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Griffin Claw Brewing Company

In the culinary world, French cuisine is among the most sophisticated and sought-after. As a result, a few dishes have been named after the country, despite only sometimes originating from France. Behold, the quintessential trio of French fries, French dip sandwiches, and French onion soup. While the soup is the only one originating from France, all three items are classics around Metro Detroit. Pair all three for a meal or order each on their own, but these French-named dishes will not disappoint. Check out these restaurants that offer one, two, or all three items of this iconic trio…


25 East Grand River Avenue, Detroit

Olin Bar & Kitchen offers a cozy atmosphere to enjoy a meal curated from a creative and seasonal menu. Start your dining experience with a bowl of French onion soup, or stop in just for that paired with a glass of wine from the excellent wine selection. This soup features gruyere cheese and Cognac. As for French fries, several of the main dishes are served with them, including the mussels frites, which have a bed of mussels with flavors of white wine, garlic, and butter, before being topped with fries. 

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575 South Eton Street, Birmingham

2265 Crooks Road, Rochester Hills

The Griffin Claw Brewing Team tells us, “We are one of the largest independent, family, and women-owned breweries in Michigan. We have 2 taprooms and 2 production facilities in Birmingham and Rochester Hills. We also have a distillery where we make our own whiskey and spirits, and a hard cider company.” Amongst its two locations, Griffin Claw Brewing Company offers our favorite trio in one form or another. At the Birmingham Taproom, you can find French dip sliders with shaved prime rib, Swiss cheese, au jus, and fries, the Prime Rib Philly Dip, a cross between a Philly cheese sandwich and a French dip, and fries by the pound, including regular French fries and truffle parmesan fries. In Rochester Hills, try the French onion El Rojo, a soup made with the red ale from Griffin Claw and topped with Swiss and gruyere cheeses, the Le French Philly Dip, and the thin-cut fries.  

crock of french onion soup on griffin claw brewery company's patio
Photo courtesy of Griffin Claw Brewing Company


313 Park Avenue, Detroit

The Statler is a French-American bistro that serves classic French-inspired dishes with a more modern twist. Here, you can find fries during brunch, dinner, and happy hour, whether served along the Croque Madame and steak frites, or in the short rib poutine. The French onion soup is available during brunch and dinner and is made of a hearty broth with caramelized onions, simple toast, and a three-cheese gratin. If you’re looking for a French experience without traveling abroad, The Statler is an excellent option. 


175 West Troy Street, Ferndale

One-Eyed Betty’s hosts a casual, gastropub vibe from the moment you walk in, and more importantly, offers all three items of this excellent trinity on its lunch and dinner menus. You’ll certainly find a delicious French onion soup here. As for handhelds, the Fwanch Deep will be right up your alley, with braised beef, sharp cheddar cheese, horseradish sauce, and au jus, all on a wonderful hoagie roll and served with hand-cut fries. If you’re looking for dressed-up fries at One-Eyed Betty’s, go with the pork belly poutine that features a poached egg, cheese curds, pork-belly confit, gravy, and of course, fries. 


121 West Washington Street, Ann Arbor

The Earle is a cozy spot for French-Italian fare featuring live jazz several nights a week. Here, you’ll only find fries served with the Earle Sliders, which are grilled and topped with fontina cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon on brioche buns. The French onion soup is also a great choice, as this traditional soup is enhanced with shallots and chives before being topped with gruyere cheese and finished under the broiler for a melted top. If you’re looking for more soup options to warm you up, we cover that here.


2922 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte

R.P. McMurphy’s is a great tavern serving up comfort food and spirits in a welcoming pub setting. Settling into its 45th year, you can find our trio on the menu. The French dip sandwich features thinly sliced roast beef topped with sautéed mushrooms and provolone cheese on a toasted baguette with au jus and fries. As for soup, you’ll find a hot crock of classic French onion topped with provolone cheese as an available side. 

This article has been updated to include new information. The original article was published on December 12, 2014, and was authored by Toni Cunningham.