French FryDay Part II: Get Your Fry Fix in Metro D

By: Toni Cunningham | September 27, 2013
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Whether you prefer crinkle cut or curly, steak fries or shoestring, I think we can all agree on one thing: French fries are a side dish staple.

In case you missed out on our first French fry feature, we highlighted Metro Detroit’s tastiest French fries—everything from hand-cut fries with chipotle aioli to chili cheese fries.

This time around, we’re doing the same thing, but with a twist! There aren’t any plain Jane fries on this list. Here, you’ll find ones that are more unexpected—yuca fries, anyone?

Next time a fry craving hits and you hunger for something out of the ordinary, check out a few of these alternatives:

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Vincente’s Cuban Cuisine, 1250 Library St., Detroit, is an authentic Cuban restaurant that serves one of my favorite types of fry alternatives—yuca fries. If you’re looking for the dish on the menu, it’s called Yuca Frita. In case you’ve never tried (or even heard of) yuca, it’s a potato-like root vegetable, and when chopped into sticks and fried, it’s just as good as, if not better than, French fries.

Cliff Bell’s, 2030 Park Ave., Detroit, is a great place to listen to jazz and an even better place to grab some Poutine, the Canadian version of French fries. The Duck Confit Poutine is a jazzed up version of the original dish. Fries are topped with leg of duck, and then covered in gravy. It’s just salty enough without being overbearing.

One Eyed Betty’s, 175 W. Troy Ave., Ferndale, also serves a variation on the Canadian dish—Pork Belly Poutine. Hand-cut fries are covered in cheese curds, topped with gravy, pork belly confit, and a poached egg.

Seva, with locations in Ann Arbor and Detroit, is known for its great vegetarian cuisine, and the restaurant has its own take on the French fry. While regular French fries are on the menu, I would go with the more unique choice: yam fries. They’re served with your choice of spicy Clancy’s Mayo or vegan barbecue sauce.

El Guapo Fresh Mexican Grill is arguably one of the area’s most well known food trucks. While you might not expect fries to be served alongside tacos and burritos, they’re a side item option and a great alternative to the usual chips and dip. El Guapo’s Sweet Potato Fries are served with Sriracha honey dipping sauce on the side, which is the best part of the dish.

Rosie O’Grady’s, with locations in Ferndale and Sterling Heights, serves fresh cut fries with a side of garlic Parmesan dipping sauce—the perfect fry with a little something extra. They also have sweet potato fries and chili cheese fries on the menu.

Dino’s, 22740 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, makes some of the best seasoned waffle fries I’ve ever had. While shoestring fries are also on the menu, I think you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice by ordering anything other than the waffle variety. They’re both crispy and perfectly seasoned.

Green Dot Stables, 2200 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, has several unique French fry varieties on its menu, including two vegetarian choices: truffle & herb and Cajun. Meat eaters also have a few more options, including venison chili cheese fries and Poutine.

There you have it! Forget drive-thru fries and spice up your life with a more unique variety. Your taste buds will thank you.