Fresh, Sweet and Exotic: Pacific Rim Foods Make a Big Splash

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | February 8, 2019
Pacific Rim Foods

Exploring the world might not be the easiest or most realistic thing to do, but one way to experience different cultures is through their food. One of the biggest predicted food trends of the upcoming year is the rise of Pacific Rim flavors; food that comes from the western coasts of North and South America along with Asia. You can think of it as a mix of Vietnamese, Hawaiian and Filipino cuisine usually featuring fresh seafood and tropical fruits. So if you’re willing to expand your palate and experience fruit-driven cuisine, check out these Pacific Rim inspired foods!

Tropical Fruit

Many Pacific Rim inspired recipes you’ll find online will feature exotic, tropical fruits as a main ingredient. These fruits include guava, dragon fruit, and passion fruit and are often combined with tangy sauces to make for the perfect sweet and tangy taste. Fresh vegetables like arugula, avocados, and cucumbers can be added to bring even more freshness to a dish.

Jackfruit (as a meat alternative)

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Those aforementioned exotic fruits and vegetables are a mainstay in many Pacific Rim recipes, but one unique fruit that can be used as a meat alternative is jackfruit. Freshness and sweetness are crucial to Pacific Rim influenced meals, and replacing the main meat ingredient with the fibrous jackfruit can make for a perfect alternative. Jackfruit is most commonly used as an alternative for pulled pork when cooked and can be found in many Pacific Rim recipes.


While you can use jackfruit as a pulled pork alternative in many Pacific Rim recipes, you don’t want to use it as a replacement for longganisa, which is a Filipino pork sausage. Longganisa is made with ground pork, sugar and spices that give it a sweet taste. It works great for either breakfast or dinner.

Dried Shrimp

Dried shrimp is most commonly used in stir fries, soups, gumbos, or sautéed to make for a great side dish. This recipe features the Korean side dish and has plenty of calcium and kick that’s good for lunches or a snack. Dried shrimp also makes for a great main ingredient to your favorite stir fry or Asian-influenced soup.

Where to Get Ingredients

While many of these ingredients might not be able to be found at any grocery store, Metro Detroit does have numerous Asian markets. Local Asian grocery stores such as 168 Asian Mart in Madison Heights, One World Market in Novi, and Asia Grocers in Farmington Hills can help you find all the ingredients you need to make a great Pacific Rim influenced meal.