Fresh! These Fruity Drinks are Great for a Summer Day

By: Karen Dybis | July 11, 2018
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Summer is all about sun and steamy temperatures. But living summer right can only be done with a frosty drink in hand while enjoying the heat.  From boozy popsicles to adult milkshakes and everything in between, cool your palate and wind down after a hot summer day. These boozy frozen delights found around the Metro Detroit area can help.  

Boozy Epiphany Popsicle
This unique setup of scents paired with your cocktail is sure to peak your senses at Castalia at Sfumato. A childhood classic with an adult spin, it is perfect for the days full of heatwaves. This popsicle is mixed with grapefruit, orange, chamomile and white blossom vodka. As you enjoy the coolness of the popsicle, the napkin served with it is sprayed with a mix of the scents that will remind you of what summer is all about.

Rose Margarita
This frozen cocktail will cool you down quick on a hot day.  This drink includes Espolon Blanco, hibiscus, lemon, lime and Cointreau. It’s the perfect mix of refreshing and summertime fun. You can get this chilled drink at Cafe Muse located in Royal Oak.

trailblazer field

From soccer practice to grocery runs, the Chevy Trailblazer is designed to make your everyday outings a breeze.

Claro Colada
Sit outside on the patio at Gold Cash Gold and sip on the refreshing traditional pina colada with a Gold Cash Gold spin on it. This slush is mixed with milk-washed rum, coconut, pineapple, lime, vanilla and  spices. The slush is refreshing and summer appropriate and always available in the slush machine.

Adult Milkshake
So this drink is not fruity but it’s still fun and says summer. Only at Punch Bowl Social can you find this creamy treat. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy ice cream especially on a hot summer day! Once you add some Crown Royal Maple, vanilla soft serve, whipped cream and candied bacon, this is a summer party in a glass. Boozy milkshake anyone!?

I Wanna Be Evil
Every once in a while it’s ok to let your hair down and loosen up. You can certainly do that with this famous frozen drink from the Oakland in Ferndale. This fun drink is mixed with bourbon, muddled strawberries, lime, serrano-honey vinegar, Pedro Ximenez and Turbinado syrup. The mix will certainly have you enjoying the heat.