Mexican, Italian & More: Restaurants Combine Cuisines in the D

By: Amber Ogden | January 29, 2016
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How many times a week does indecisiveness plague your mealtime? It often comes into play when dining out, but choosing a restaurant that represents more than one culture or cuisine is more likely to please everyone’s palate.

Fusion restaurants do just that by combining elements of different cuisines. While Asian fusion is probably what you’re most familiar with, there are plenty of other types of fusion restaurants in the metro Detroit area to take advantage of:

El Barzon

Mexican and Italian food are two of my personal favorite cuisines individually, but combined? You get El Barzon, a game changer of a restaurant located in Detroit.

Hot and cold appetizers, seafood and meat tacos and chicken entrees are just a few of the choices. Italian specialties include Fettuccine alla Bolognese (fresh homemade pasta tossed with meat sauce and green peas), while Mexican house specialties include Popian (chicken breast topped with green mole sauce, jalapeno peppers and tomatillo).

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Indo Fusion

A Novi restaurant that combines Indian and authentic Goan cuisine, dishes are highly influenced by Portuguese flavors. The menu is divided by region and includes traditional Goan dishes like Xacuti de Galinha (chicken curry, made with 18 different spices) or Vindalho de Carne de Porco (pork served in a hot, tangy sauce).

There are also plenty of authentic Indian dishes to choose from, including Chicken Tikka (marinated in spices and yogurt) and Dal Fry (a vegetarian dish of lentils, herbs and spices).


An Asian fusion restaurant that mixes both Asian and European fare, the Ann Arbor restaurant’s name means “a mixture or medley,” which perfectly describes the made-from-scratch dishes.

The dinner menu includes Lettuce Wraps and Beef Wontons for sharing, as well as Thai Pasta (with blackened tofu, soba noodles and veggies), Braised Short Ribs and Risotto for your main course.

If Asian fusion is what suits your palate, also consider Wasabi Korean & Japanese Restaurant of Detroit, and coming soon to Detroit’s former Chinatown area, The Peterboro.

Fusion restaurants of southeast Michigan allow you to experience a variety of excellent flavors, cuisines and cultures at once. What could be better?