Get Your Grill On!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 8, 2012
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It’s pretty common knowledge amongst Michiganders that the weather here in this fine state is nothing short of unpredictable. With that being said we must take advantage of every nice day possible by spending our time in the great outdoors! Most of us can quickly form a mental picture of our “ideal” warm weather day, and I am willing to bet the vast majority of those mental pictures are at least partially dedicated to a barbeque.

We’ve all been to our share of barbeques where we experience the mouth-watering aromas of char-grilled beef patties, a New York strip flame-kissed to perfection, or perhaps the delicious smell of chicken slathered in our favorite barbeque sauce. The question to be asked; how many of us have thrown our own barbeque? Better yet, how many of us have thrown a GOOD barbeque?  If the answer to this question leaves you with a blank stare at your computer screen… then worry not! Here are some tips on how to throw a successful barbeque, just in time for Labor Day weekend.

  • Make sure the propane tank is full. Sure, sure, that’s extremely obvious I know. But there’s nothing worse than running out of propane mid-grill session and having to pop your Grade A slice of heaven into the microwave to ensure it’s edibility.
  • Keep in mind that too much food is better than not enough. Even if 2 out of 10 people show up, barbeque leftovers reheat like a dream. Your overly friendly neighbor probably wouldn’t take offense to a last minute invite either.
  • Have a thermometer on hand. When grilling different types of meat and poultry, cook time is not going to be the same all around.
  • Provide snacks! Everybody loves a little chips and dip while they wait for the highly anticipated main course.
  • Entertainment is a must. Get a backyard playlist together for your iPod or make sure you have a radio handy to broadcast the big game. You may also want to consider some outdoor games to keep your guests occupied before and after you chow down.
  • Make sure you have a wide array of condiments and side dishes. Variety, after all, is the spice of life!
  • Unless your goal is to be named the best host or hostess ever and you’re planning to provide all of the drinks, let your guests know that your gathering is B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Beverages).

The fact of the matter is most people love a good social gathering, especially one that includes good food, great weather and an excuse to have fun with their peers. So try hard not to stress out if things aren’t going off without a hitch… take a deep breath, have a sip of that refreshingly ice cold drink and reflect on how fantastic it feels to be grillin’ in the Michigan warmth.

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