Get Your Zen on During International Yoga Day

By: Karen Dybis | June 20, 2018
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It’s time to center ourselves and become one with our chakras. Yoga can help you to quiet your mind and help you to reset, so why not do exactly that on International Yoga Day? This year’s international theme is “Yoga for Peace”. Yoga is not just a mental and spiritual practice but it is also physical. It has evolved over the years and has become more than an activity, it has become a lifestyle.  

There are multiple kinds of yoga from Bikram, to traditional hatha, to the relaxing restorative practice.  All practices assists you in releasing tension in your mind, body and spirit. Bikram for example is yoga of 26 poses done in a heated room of on average 90 degrees or hotter. The heat and humidity makes for a challenging body workout. With regular attendance your body will get acclimated to the heat yoga practice. Bikram Yoga Midtown Detroit is the perfect place to  practice your sweaty triangle pose. Hatha is your traditional yoga and a beginner can start with this class. Hatha yoga means “union through discipline of force”.  Concentrating on basic breathing and spine alignment, Hatha can be practiced at the House of Yoga. Now who is ready for a nap? Yes, you can nap in yoga and it’s totally allowed! The restorative practice will literally have you so relaxed you might get a a snooze in. With restorative practice you stay in poses longer and most poses are on the floor. You are actually restoring yourself through your breathing with gentle subtle movements. Visit Sattva Yoga Center and breath your way to a peaceful calm, I promise no downward dogs in this class.

Yoga has so many benefits. While doing yoga you are more aware and conscious of your body. Especially for those that sit most of the day at a desk job, a straight spine is important. Plus with all the chaos in the world around us, from the news to our daily lives, quieting the mind is something to look forward to.  Now, after the first class you may not be able to put your leg behind your head, but you will see the benefits from day one of your practice. Yoga is good for the heart. So good in fact it could possibly lower your blood pressure, help with heart disease and balance blood sugar.  


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How can you celebrate International Yoga Day? Glad you asked! There are events all over the Metro Detroit area that you and your family can participate in.  If you are not ready for a yoga class yet, that’s ok. You can sit quietly and shut out the noise of the world. You can be at peace and in touch with your zen anywhere and anytime of the day. As the saying goes “Yoga is not about just touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down”.

International Yoga Day Events:

International Yoga Day
Summit Park

Summer Solstice and International Day of Yoga Celebration
Jam Handy

International Day of Yoga
Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM