Gluten-Free Comfort Food to Keep You Warm All Winter

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 18, 2019
Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

While December was pretty mild for us here in Metro Detroit, there is nothing like the dropping temperatures that just gives you a craving for richer, heartier foods. As the thermometer inches closer and closer to the single digits, nothing sounds better than a warm, filling meal to boost your spirits and put the pep back in your step.

For those that have removed gluten from their diet, this time of year can be especially difficult when the most appetizing of foods are also verboten. From gluten-free substitutions to meals that are gluten-free at heart, you’ll find that much-needed comfort dining in Metro Detroit this winter.

Rock City Eatery

Sporting a rock ‘n’ roll theme, Rock City Eatery on Woodward in Detroit has plenty of gluten-free options, but when it comes to comfort, we’re going straight for the mac ‘n’ cheese. Make sure to ask for the gluten-free pasta and then make ample use of all of the delicious add-ons. Just as comforting but with a wholly different flavor profile is the pulled pork nacho tray (smoked pulled pork, queso, pico, corn, black bean salsa, lime crema and lettuce).

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Located in Ann Arbor and Detroit, Seva has an entire menu dedicated to its gluten-free options. There’s a lot to ogle on this menu, but how can you say no to chili cheese fries? Put simply, it’s a pile of fries with a pile of chili sauce and a pile of your choice of cheese (Chihuahua or vegan cheese). Just make sure you tell your serve you’d like it gluten-free.

Woodbridge Pub

Who doesn’t love a good plate of fish and chips? Woodbridge Pub in Detroit serves gluten-free, seasoned, cornmeal-dusted and pan-seared cod with root vegetable chips and a side of house made tartar sauce. This pub may not make them the way you’re used to, but these fish and chips are crispy, crunchy and oh-so-tasty.

Chili Mustard Onions

Nothing quite says Detroit comfort food like a coney dog. While newcomer Chili Mustard Onions prides itself on being an all-vegan comfort food shop, they also offer gluten-free substitutions. Their coney dogs and “Big Mock” burgers are available with a gluten-free bun. Without a dedicated gluten-free fryer, you’ll likely have to skip the French fries.

MiChigo Pizza

Ferndale-based pizza shop MiChigo Pizza serves a variety of specialized pizzas, such as the “Spinach Special,” “Meat Lovers” and “Motown Classic.” The best part? Each of their pizzas can be ordered with a 10” gluten-free crust.