Good People, Good Popcorn

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 17, 2012
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Popcorn is one of those good old-fashioned American food staples, we love it.  Whether it’s a big buttery bowl in front of the movie screen or out of a cardboard box at the fair, popcorn is the kind of food that not only tastes good but holds nostalgia for a lot of people.  The people over at Good People Popcorn understand this love for those fluffy little kernels of corn and have made it their mission to make delicious (and fresh) popcorn available to Detroiters every day.  But Good People offers more than simply good, run-of-the-mill popcorn.  They are popcorn connoisseurs  and their goal is to introduce everyone to the gourmet world of popped corn, taking the tasty treat to a whole new level with several mouthwatering flavors.

Sisters, Sarida Scott Montgomery and Crystal Mott, along with their cousin Kimberli Heard, grew up in a family that loved popcorn.  Always on the lookout for good, quality popcorn, the women would order popcorn from Chicago via the internet because they could never find popcorn they liked in Detroit.  It didn’t take long for them to realize that this was a niche the city was missing; one they were prepared to fill.  You may ask, “why the name Good People?”.  Well, it was Crystal and Sarida’s father who came up with the idea while they were all sitting around brainstorming and it’s evident that his opinion of the women shows through in the title.  The ladies thought “it had a nice ring… and we all aspire to be good people” says Sarida, so the name stuck.
Good People Popcorn offers 10 different flavors of popcorn, ranging from the more traditional, such as caramel corn to the more adventurous stuff like Chili Cheese and White Cheddar Salsa.  According to Sarida, their most popular flavor has got to be the Caramel Cheddar Cheese blend which has that perfect mixture of salty and sweet.  However, the Chocolate Drizzle is an extremely close runner-up.  Additional flavors include Bacon Cheddar (that’s right, bacon!), Caramel Apple Pie and Cinnamon Crunch.  The kitchen at Good People never stops trying to expand their popcorn varieties and welcomes requests for new flavors.  Right now Sarida, Kimberli and Crystal are trying to perfect their new barbecue flavor and a white chocolate peppermint flavor for the holidays.  Yum!  The staff in the shop is also encouraged to play around with new flavors as well, which is how they came up with the White Cheddar Salsa popcorn.  The yummy popcorn (I speak from personal experience) is available at their Detroit location, online and through several different gourmet grocery stores across Metro Detroit.


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The staff at Good People doesn’t just stop with good popcorn.  “Being a responsible business is important to us”, says Sarida and they have emulated the practices of Zingerman’s and Ben & Jerry’s in their effort to be an environmentally conscious company.  By using paper bags from recycled paper, recycling their sample cups and composting all mistake popcorn, Good People Popcorn is doing their part.  The company is also considering donating their compost materials to community gardens.  And they do more than just look out for the environment, they are watching out for the city of Detroit too by offering fundraiser opportunities to local businesses and organizations.  The women, Sarida says, “are excited about the growing entrepreneurial movement in Detroit” and they want to help support other small businesses by “being a part of that network and revitalizing the city”.

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With Good People Popcorn you not only get a great product, you get to help support local Detroit businesses.  So get downtown and see what’s poppin’ today!

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