Local Bands Converge on Hamtramck for Annual Music Festival

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | February 26, 2018
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Did you know there’s a music festival every year where you have the chance to see more than 150 local bands perform live all for one $10 entry fee? The Hamtramck Music Fest is this weekend and we’ve got the scoop on what bands you can expect to see at this annual community-driven event.

Your $10 wristband gets you access to shows playing all over Hamtramck the first weekend in March. But, with so many bands playing, it might be difficult to narrow down your list. Below, you’ll find a few bands we think are worth checking out.

The festival kicks off Thursday, March 1 at Ant Hall and Ghost Light with performances by Funkwagon, Duende!, Cye Pie & Ya Homies and more.

On Friday, March 2, you can catch Drinkard Sisters at Bumbo’s. After starting out as a folk-rock duo, Bonnie and Caitlin Drinkard added three new members to the band. Going from a duo to a quintet certainly changes the dynamic of a band, but for the Drinkard Sisters, it was a natural progression.

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“A lot of the time when we are writing songs, we envision it, sort of, filled out,” Bonnie Drinkard said in an interview with Chevy In the D last year. “We can imagine the drum we want to have on it. We can imagine the bass line we want to have on it.”

Bonnie and Caitlin Drinkard will also be performing with their other band, the Craig Brown Band, at the Ant Hall on March 3. Led by the titular band member, this six-piece, folk-rock band from metro Detroit just released its debut album, The Lucky Ones Forget, last year.

Go Tiger Go is a four-piece, “sun-kissed,” indie-rock band from metro Detroit that formed in 2009. After a couple lineup changes, the band recently added Stefan Carr (guitar) and Jason Huffmaster (bass). See them for the first time this year at the Hamtramck Music Fest at Plav Post #10 on March 3.

Three-piece rock band Cosmic Light Shapes will be playing at Kelly’s Bar on March 2. Self-described as channeling “the galactic sonic-sound vibrations from lost extraterrestrial satellites near & far,” Cosmic Light shapes is made up of Eugene Strobe on guitar, Zenas Jackson on drums and Adam Fuller on bass. All three contribute vocals.

The coolest part of the Hamtramck Music Festival? Proceeds from this year will go toward the Hamtramck Public Schools Music & Art programs. Live, rad music for a good cause? What more do you need?