Here’s where to try rolled ice cream!

By: Katie Goncalves | July 14, 2023
Rolled ice cream from Rollow Bar

Photo courtesy of Rollow Bar

You’ve had ice cream on a cone, in a cup, and maybe even as a sundae with all the toppings you could imagine. But have you ever tried rolled ice cream? This process uses liquid ice cream bases and a freezing cold plate to create perfectly shaped rolls of ice cream. If you’ve never had it you have to give it a try! Here are the best rolled ice cream shops in Metro Detroit. 

Rollow Bar

Rollow Bar,  according to Austin Yaldo, owner, is “a rolled ice cream catering company that’s been serving Metro Detroit for over 5 years! Our ice cream (dairy or vegan base) starts as a liquid, and finishes off as delicious rolls. Wow your guests with a sweet treat made fresh on-site! Add some YUM to your next event!” You can add a variety of toppings and even add adult libations like Patron Tequila and Baileys Irish Cream.

Rolled ice cream from Rollow Bar
Rolled ice cream from Rollow Bar

iChillyn Cafe

107 East 2nd Street, Rochester

iChillyn Cafe is a unique and fun place to grab dessert in Downtown Rochester. Their rolled ice cream comes as a taco in tons of different flavors including Oreo, Lavender, and Baklava complete with a waffle cone shell. They also have a variety of sweet treats including huge milkshakes, bubble waffles, and crepes. 

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Biscoff rolled ice cream taco from iChillyn Cafe
Biscoff rolled ice cream taco from iChillyn Cafe

Pagos Ice Cream Rolls

623 South Washington Avenue, Royal Oak 

Pagos Ice Cream Rolls takes liquid ice cream base they make in-house and pours it over an ice-cold griddle. They then chop in your favorite flavor, let it freeze, and roll it up. Their flavors are more traditional to its Asian roots, where rolled ice cream is the most popular including Green Tea and Ube. 

Swirl Frozen Desserts

17420 Hall Road, Clinton Township

Swirl Frozen Desserts is best known for being a frozen yogurt shop, but they also have delicious rolled ice cream options. Give the Rainbow Delight a try; vanilla ice cream, Fruity Pebbles, and marshmallow sauce served in a waffle bowl. You can also get bubble waffles, smoothies, and ice cream cakes.