Highlight Michigan Flavors at This Year’s Friendsgiving

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 15, 2017
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Thanksgiving can be a tumultuous time for many. Some can’t or would rather not see their family for this annual gathering and instead opt for a gathering of close friends; a ‘Friendsgiving,’ if you will. Everyone brings a dish to pass, creating a potluck of dishes that are as unique and varied as your group of friends.

Friendsgiving events in Michigan or with Michiganders call for a recipe or two inspired by the Great Lakes State. Read on for some ideas on how to add a Mitten-sized helping of inspiration to your Friendsgiving this year.

Bagel Bread Crumbs for Mac & Cheese

Last year, I mentioned using “everything” bagels for your Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving stuffing. Now, I’d like to mention another way to use bagels this holiday season: breadcrumb topping on baked mac & cheese. While “everything” bagels would be a great choice for this, don’t let that limit your culinary imagination. Try cinnamon & sugar bagels too add something sweet to your mac & cheese’s savory taste. Or double down on the cheese factor with parmesan garlic bagels. The possibilities are endless.

The stores I mentioned last year are still great options to check out, but I’ve added a couple more:

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Michigan Apple Desserts

Apples from the Great Lakes State are something to cherish. The sweet yet tart taste is enough to remind a Michigan transplant of home and, as it turns out, they also make for great dessert recipes. Apple turnovers, apple crisp, apple dumplings, apple cake and more are staple desserts for the holidays, but be sure to make them with apples from the Mitten for a delectable flavor you can write home about.

If you’re living outside of metro Detroit and want to find a store that carries Michigan apples, check out this store locator.

Nuts, Nuts & More Nuts

Pumpkin walnut cheesecake. Cranberry-walnut sweet potatoes. Pecan pumpkin pie. Classic Michigan salad with walnuts. Buttered green beans with hazelnuts…sorry. I got lost in thought for a minute. Save for those with nut allergies, it’s no secret that walnuts, pecans and more make for great additions to many dishes. There are tons of great recipes that call for these bite-sized morsels, so find a new favorite and head to your local Michigan produce store for that key ingredient.

Butternut Squash

Did you know butternut squash is commonly grown in Michigan? In fact, it’s a part of the same family as pumpkin squash, acorn squash and more. They all look a little different, but are collectively known as “winter squashes.” Butternut squash is a great ingredient in a lot of fall and holiday recipes, like pureed butternut squash soup, butternut squash gratin, herb-roasted butternut squash and more.

If you’re in search of ingredients for one (or all) of the dishes mentioned above, I recommend checking out one of these local markets: