Hive Mind: Uncovering the Buzz About Local Honey Producers

By: Aaron B. Cohen | May 9, 2023
Jar of locally-sourced honey from Bees in the D

Locally-sourced honey from Bees in the D

Metro Detroiters are always in search of high-quality, local products to support their health and the local economy. One product in particular, honey, captures the hearts of many who find uses ranging from sweetening their tea and coffee to skin treatments. But bees aren’t making honey just for us! Their role in our ecosystem is essential to every aspect of the environment, and those who work with local bee populations are doing so not only for the delicious honey they produce but for the overall health of our planet! Furthermore, many of the producers are dedicated to rebuilding and revitalizing the Metro Detroit community. Here’s a list of spots around town where you can get top-shelf honey straight from the source… and in doing so, help make the planet a little bit better for all.

Bees in the D

Bees in the D is on a mission to save the bees! In just seven years, they have established 200+ hives throughout Detroit which are used for both honey production and educational purposes. 

“When we started Bees in the D, we went into it expecting a lot of pushback from people because of the fear that bees will sting, but actually, it’s been the complete opposite,” said founder, Brian Peterson-Roest. “We have received really nothing but praise and support for helping our pollinators, and for helping educate the public on them.”

The honey produced by Bees in the D is unique in that it takes on the natural flavors of the surrounding areas. For example, some honey brings on a cinnamon flavor from the sedum planted on many of the green roofs and wildflower from all the greenery in vacant lots, and even a faint mint flavor from some of the urban gardens. To this end, each jar of honey has a QR code on the side with a code for each location in which the honey was harvested. 

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“We value the work and energy our honey bees have given to produce the honey, so we do not waste even the wax caps that are left over from the harvest,” said Peterson-Roest. “That beeswax is used to create our Queen Bee lip balm and reusable beeswax wraps as well as scented beeswax candles.

To find Bees in the D products, visit their website, or check out one of your local farmers’ markets.

Assorted jars of honey from Bees in the D
Honey from Bees in the D

SEMBA – Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association

Since 1934, this regional beekeeping association provides educational programs, workshops and resources for the beekeeping community of Metro Detroit. For those interested in pursuing making their own honey, they even provide resources to purchase your own local bees. Additionally, SEMBA offers a list of swarm removal services to ensure the safety and ethical handling of our most important pollinators.