Holiday Food Trends to try this Holiday Season

By: Karen Dybis | December 24, 2018
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It’s the season of giving and eating! There are so many food trends for the holidays, and while there may be traditional dishes that your family looks forward to, you may feel daring and want to experiment with new recipes to add to the menu.  Play with different cocktail trends or try some vegan options this holiday season. Here are 5 to get you started.

Overnight Breakfast Casserole
This one of my favorite holiday trends. The night before Christmas, my aunt makes her famous breakfast casserole. Line the bottom of the pan with biscuits and pour the sausage, egg and cheese mix over it. Once those easy steps are complete, bake and serve! This meal is easy, quick and will fill you up until Christmas dinner is ready.  You can play with the mixture and add hash browns, different flavored sausage or any kind of veggie you want. Check out local stores Provisions and Farm Field Table for your meat and cheese.

Mushroom Gravy
Whether you are watching your calories during the holiday (or maybe you’re not!) gravy is a holiday trend staple. Now instead of all the butter and flour base, switch it up by using home grown mushrooms! This is a vegetable stock base which is a very vegan friendly way of doing gravy, and gives your family and friends options for dinner. Not sure where to purchase mushroom growing kits? Check out Detroit Mushroom Co

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Edible Christmas Wreath
This is a cool way to break bread. Literally! Even though wreath are traditionally door decorations, bring it to the table.  I mean come on, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a wreath right!? You can get creative and make the wreath out of crusty bread from Zingermans, or be daring and use rolls of sausage. This can sit on the table and you can snack on it throughout the day. It serves as a holiday decoration and a tasty table setting.

Slow Cooker Cocktails
Mulled cider wine is perfect for your crockpot cocktail. Try local spot Cellerman’s for apple cider and red wine mixed together is the perfect combination. Don’t forget to add in some spices, such as cinnamon and clove to take your holiday drink to the next level. You can even do carmel cider with a splash of vodka.

Rose` All Day
There is nothing wrong with a little Rose` all throughout the day! This is a traditional holiday trend which can be paired with your main meat dishes like the ham or roast.  It’s the perfect way to nightcap your Christmas dinner and it pairs well with your vegan dishes too.