Holiday Memories & Christmas Tree Dreams

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 29, 2017
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What’s your best Christmas memory?

Growing up, decorating the Christmas tree was a family affair. My parents, my sisters and I always got together to decorate it. The last thing to go on the tree was the Star of Bethlehem. It always seemed ceremonious. My dad would lift my little sister up, star in hand, so she could place it at the top. We would turn on the light and just stand in awe of it for a moment.

As we grew older, our lives changed and some traditions are no longer observed, but that hasn’t kept me from thinking about that memory every year. Traditions may come and go, but you’ll remember those moments with the people you love forever.

We were curious to see what type of Christmas tree is most popular among metro Detroiters and the results are in. Just remember: trees will come and go; it’s who you decorate that tree with that you’ll remember forever.

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#4 – Pine (14%)

Coming in last place is the delightfully scented pine tree. There are tons of varieties when it comes to pine, some native to North America and some not. A nice Scotch pine tree is great for decorating thanks to its stiff branches. While pine is a common Christmas tree, our results show it clearly has some competition.

#3 – Spruce (20%)

I’m honestly shocked, Detroit. Your third favorite type of Christmas tree is spruce, yet a 60-foot Norwegian spruce can be found lighting up downtown Detroit right now. At the end of the day, who am I to judge? The Colorado Blue Spruce is a common Christmas tree. It has a narrow, pyramidal and cone-shaped crown and is typically 2-3 feet in diameter.

#2 – Fir (29%)

Proudly standing tall is your most popular authentic Christmas tree: the fir. It ranks pretty highly on most Christmas tree lists and that might be due to its needle retention (less mess), it’s knack for holding ornaments well or it’s fabulous aroma. When it comes to the real thing, a classic fir tree is hard to beat.

#1 – Artificial (37%)

And, the moment you’ve been reading for: metro Detroit’s favorite type of Christmas tree is…the artificial tree! While many people would scoff at the idea of a fake tree in their home for Christmas, there are so many upsides to an artificial tree. No needles on your floor. No having to plant the base of the tree in water. No having to change that water. And, it literally can’t die on you, so it’s always good for next year. The downside to an artificial tree is the cognitive effect it has on people that “want the real thing,” but if you’re trying to make the whole family happy, you can probably find some scented, artificial trees or, you know, light a candle.

If you still haven’t found a tree for Christmas this year, there are plenty of Christmas tree farms in metro Detroit:

And, if you’re looking for items to decorate your new tree, check out these local holiday markets!