Holiday Pickup Football in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 24, 2015
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Thanksgiving is just days away, which surely means different things to different people. However, I would like to think its common themes are family, thankfulness and football.

Our beloved (yet struggling) Lions are entrenched in the tradition of playing football every year on this holiday. With that said, maybe you have your own football traditions, or maybe you’re looking to start one. For instance, my friends and I get together on Black Friday every year and have a massive football game. Listed below are a few parks to explore for a pickup football game.

Founders Sports Park in Farmington Hills amasses 101 acres, and has a variety of active recreation facilities. The park offers six soccer fields, which are often the ideal setting for a pickup football game. Check out the map to see other available areas. The park is located on the north side of 8 Mile Road, a quarter mile east of Halsted Road.

Firefighters Park is one of Troy’s five major parks. It spans 96 acres and has a ton of open space. Among its many features are nine soccer fields, so chances are high there will be an open area for a football game. You can find the park on the north side of Square Lake Road between Crooks Road and Coolidge Highway.

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Prospect Park is Ypsilanti’s oldest park. It is a modest 9.5 acres, but provides a mix of recreational opportunities. The north end of the park offers a multi-purpose field that will be perfect for pick-up contests. The park sits on the northwest corner of E. Cross Street and N. Prospect Road.

Civic Center Park in Clinton Township offers 73.5 acres, and two flag football fields! In addition, there are six soccer fields, providing plenty of space. The park also offers a historical village and gazebo.

Keep in mind that these parks may have events going on at any given time, but when available, all of the above options are a perfect space to participate in the great American sport of football. Be safe, have fun and enjoy the holiday season.