Time for Pie! How to Make the Perfect Pie for the Holiday Season

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 14, 2018
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There are many things to look forward to over the upcoming holiday season: being with family, time off from work, gifts, and of course, food. With Thanksgiving already around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to eat, and if you’re like us, we’re thinking about desserts. There is no more fitting choice for Thanksgiving than pie, and there are plenty of great recipes out there to choose from. Here are some Detroit inspired pie recipes that will surely satisfy your family over the holiday season.

Apple: Grand Traverse Pie Company

Grand Traverse Pie Company is always showcasing their delicious pies via their Genevieve pie truck at Eastern Market on the weekends. This past October they hosted a Michigan Apple Pie Baking competition, and Northville’s Kay Fewewa won with her Michigan Honeycrisp apple pie recipe. The recipe card will be featured in over 30 locations across Metro Detroit including Eastern Market on Saturdays, Detroit Community Markets, Red Truck Fresh Produce, and more. For more information on apple pie recipes featured in the contest and other Grand Traverse Pie Company events, be sure to visit their website.

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Cherry: Michigan Sugar Company

Any time you can feature some Michigan cherries in a dessert, you have to do it, right? This recipe from the Michigan Sugar Company makes sure you get plenty of cherry flavor in your pie, making it perfect for Thanksgiving. Be sure to check out their other mouth-watering recipes here.

Pumpkin: Love’s Custard Pie

Pumpkin pie is great any time of the year, but doesn’t it taste a little better on Thanksgiving? There are plenty of great pumpkin pie recipes out there, but we’ll highlight a recipe from Andrew Zimmern, a writer who said he was influenced by Love’s Custard Pie after tasting it at Eastern Market. If you want any of Love’s Custard Pie’s delicious pies for your dinner table this Thanksgiving, be sure to visit their Facebook page for more information.

Sister Pie’s Cookbook

Sister Pie is one of the most influential pie shops in not only Detroit but across the country as well. The popular pie shop recently released their first cookbook, “Sister Pie: The Recipes & Stories of a Big-Hearted Bakery in Detroit” written by Lisa Ludwinski. The book is chock full of great recipes of their delicious pies, making it not only a great source for pies but a great gift as well.