Homebrewing Classes & Supply Stores in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 28, 2015
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If you’ve recently been to a Lee Brice concert, you know that the country singer sums up the connotation of the term “beer” the best way that anybody possibly can. During Brice’s set, directly before he starts singing his song “Beer,” an announcer comes over the speaker, stating that the greatest invention we’ve seen is beer. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

While certainly there are actually more useful inventions than beer, it has without a doubt made a lot of people happy. Craft beers are especially popular in Michigan, and for good reason. It’s fun to go out and have a good time with your pals from time to time, but it isn’t a wise move to go out every night and blow your money on (sometimes overly-priced) beers at the bar—not to mention unhealthy.

If you’re a true beer-lover and connoisseur, perhaps you want to venture into new territory and try to take on a new challenge. Brewing at home could be a fun way to make your own beer, while learning the tricks of the trade. Throughout the Metro Detroit area are businesses and breweries providing classes and selling all the equipment needed for your brew debut.

Adventures in Homebrewing, 23869 Van Born Rd., Taylor, is a brewing supply company that specializes in homebrewing. It provides just about any piece of equipment you’ll need to be successful in your endeavor. Kegging equipment, beer bottling, recipes and even winemaking essentials are available here. Adventures in Homebrewing offers a ton of sales on the essentials, so be sure to check that out. Classes are provided from time to time as well. Although there are currently no upcoming courses, you can email classes@homebrewing.org and ask to be added to the contact list for future classes. There is also an Ann Arbor location, residing at 6071 Jackson Rd.

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Cap ‘N’ Cork Homebrew Supply, 16776 21 Mile Rd., Macomb, offers both classes and supplies. Basic brewing and winemaking classes, as well as all-grain brewing and mead classes are offered here. Classes are limited to 14 people to allow for an intimate experience. Check out the upcoming course schedule and sign up early! In terms of supplies, Cap ‘N’ Cork provides all necessary equipment, ingredients and even technical support for crafting homebrews. Beer kits include pale ales, India pale ales, reds, stouts, pumpkin ales and more. The store only provides the freshest hops to make sure your homemade brewski is a masterpiece.

Brewing World, 5951 Chicago Rd., Warren, is your “one-stop shop for all of your beer and winemaking supplies,” so says the website. It is staffed by award-winning homebrewers and winemakers, so they will steer you in the right direction. Whether you are just starting on your brewing adventures or you’re a seasoned pro, Brewing World has the supplies needed to make a perfect-tasting homemade beer. The store carries more than 30 year-round extract brewing kits, as well as seasonal options and several varieties of grain. For you wine drinkers out there, Brewing World carries more than 50 wine kits. There are not currently any classes offered here.

The Wine Barrel Plus, 30303 Plymouth Rd., Livonia, is another great choice for all things brewed at home. The store offers classes in the making of beer, wine and mead. There is even an “Intro to Cheese Making” class! Beginner, intermediate and other classes are available. If you are interested, call (1-734)-522-9463 for additional information and upcoming classes. Brewing kits and winemaking kits, are plentiful and there are options for any budget and skill level. The Wine Barrel Plus has everything you could possibly need for your homebrewing adventure: Beer ingredient kits, filters, books, pots, grains, kegging equipment—I can go on, but you get the picture.

What you should have gathered by now is that you have options to try to make your own beverages. If homebrewing sounds intriguing, give it a whirl. You may turn it into a hobby—or even a profession. Please, drink responsibly.