100 Years: How Chevy Trucks Established a Legacy That’s Built to Last

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 2, 2018
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Legends are not always born, sometimes they are built. The legend of the Chevy Truck has been building over the past century and has evolved with the changes in America. Not only do they represent America at its finest, but they have also been the most dependable trucks for a century. Let’s look back to see how these resilient and strong Chevy Trucks, like the Silverado and Colorado, have evolved with the times.

The Beginning

The humble beginnings of a legend are always one of the more intriguing parts of a story. Seeing where it all started can help you understand its progression. The legendary lines of Chevrolet trucks can be traced back to 1918, when gas was only 25 cents, a new home cost an average of $6,187, and Woodrow Wilson was president.

This was also the year that the first purpose-built Chevy Truck debuted, and the first semblance of the legend was born. Titled the Chevrolet One-Ton, the truck featured a flexible platform that customers could build on, which established Chevy’s ability to think of innovations for consumers’ needs.

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Chevy continued to grow and eleven years later in 1929 came the Chevrolet International Series AC Light Delivery. Continuing to establish what a truck could do for consumers, this was the first truck to feature an OHV 6-cylinder engine and new steel disc wheels (currently known as rims). With this truck, Chevy established that it would continue to innovate in order to create better trucks for consumers, a trait that is still true to this day.

The Evolution

The 1960s saw a time of high tension, war, and everyday people standing up for what was right. It was a transformative time for America, and Chevrolet Trucks were not afraid to transform with it.

In 1967, Chevrolet debuted one of their most classic trucks of all-time, the Chevrolet C/K10 series. The simple body, strong rear shoulders, integrated fender and hood, and the Chevrolet logo across the grill have become the iconic look for a Chevy Truck. The truck was dubbed the “Action Line” because it increased its torque capabilities while also giving the engine more horsepower. The C/K10 series would come to be known as Chevy’s most powerful truck at that time.

The country and the legend continued to evolve over the decades, and even more so in the 1980s. Technology was rapidly improving, baby boomers were taking over, and of course, fashion became totally rad. Chevrolet was able to incorporate the changing times into their trucks, especially in the 1988 Chevrolet C/K1500 pickup truck.

The fourth generation of C/K Series pickup trucks was the first to introduce the Insta-Trac system, which gave drivers the ability to shift in and out of 4-wheel drive no matter the speed. Towing, horsepower and storage capacity all improved as it gave the working class more features than ever to be happy with.

Centennial Special Editions

Looking back at a legend’s story makes you realize how far they have come, but it’s looking towards their future that should always excite you. From establishing strong roots and showing that they can change with the times, Chevrolet Trucks have proven that they are able to put the consumers’ ever-changing needs first. To give back to those dedicated consumers, Chevy is currently celebrating the classic trucks and their owners with the Truck Legends Program. If your classic Chevy has more than 100,000 miles on it, see how you can be a part of this exclusive club by signing up here.Centennial Edition Silverado

Decades of innovation and change have helped to build the 2018 Centennial Special Edition Silverado and Colorado. Beyond the aesthetic changes to the door badges and chrome outline, both trucks feature the necessary power to get the job done.   

With the Centennial Edition, you will notice that after a century of building a legacy, Chevy has found a way to keep that old school spirit in a truck that runs on new school technology and engineering, and with that comes a legacy that’s built to last.