How to Eat Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 6, 2020
Meat Free Diet food bowl

Metro Detroiters love to eat a wide variety of foods, which we showcase throughout the year. Whether it’s the latest food trends, classic restaurants, or hidden gems, we want to make sure you always have great suggestions for your next meal. So if you’re looking to maintain your vegetarian diet, or just want to eat healthier during the Coronavirus Pandemic, here are some ideas to keep you eating well during these trying times.

Plant-Based Meat and Where to Find It

Plant-based meat became a trend towards the end of 2019 and has continued to be a popular choice into 2020. From delicious coney dogs to you-gotta-taste-this impossible burgers, Metro Detroit has plenty of great choices for plant-based meat. We suggest ordering carryout from Brome Modern Eatery, Unbuger Grill, or Starter’s Bar and Grill to try some of their vegan options.

The Vastness of Vegan Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have been hit hard over the last few weeks as people make sure they have enough food for their families, and we thank all of the workers who help keep the shelves stocked and the stores running smoothly during this pandemic. If you’re looking for vegan ingredients we’d suggest the Natural Food Patch in Ferndale. With plenty of fresh produce, vegan ingredients, and even vitamins, you’ll find what you need at the Natural Food Patch.

Cauliflower Goodness

A great way to make sure you’re getting in your vegetables while also not sacrificing taste is by ordering up some unique cauliflower dishes. Metro Detroit has a great selection of restaurants that create unique, flavorful, and healthy cauliflower based meals that can be ordered for carryout. You can try Ale Mary’s buffalo cauliflower which features vegan buffalo sauce and vegan ranch, or Seva’s General Tso’s cauliflower made with a sweet and sour chili sauce. Both of these restaurants are offering carryout, so be sure to call ahead with your order!

Eat Good, Feel Good

While many restaurants are still offering carryout and delivery services during the pandemic, you might find yourself cooking more often in the coming weeks. There are many mood-boosting ingredients that you can use to help with anxiety, stress, or memory. Chamomile in your tea or chia seeds in your fruit or yogurt can especially help with anxiety and stress at this time.

The Power of Kale

Kale salads are an excellent source of nutrients, but many Metro Detroit restaurants feature kale in surprising and flavorful ways. Detroit Vegan Soul has a green life smoothie perfect for a mid-afternoon pickup, while Besa has a delicious kale and roasted sweet potato salad good for lunch. We highlighted other great kale options earlier this year, but some of these restaurants are closed during the pandemic so make sure to check them out when they reopen!