How will you celebrate National Burrito Day?

By: Katie Goncalves | March 24, 2023
Celebrate National Burrito Day at one of these Metro Detroit restaurants!

If you’re a burrito lover in the Metro Detroit area, you’re in luck. There are plenty of restaurants serving up delicious, authentic burritos that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From burritos filled with fresh-cut meats to those covered in homemade sauces, you can’t go wrong with any of the burritos on this list. Here are some of the best burritos in Metro Detroit that you won’t want to miss.


3 East Church Street, Clarkston

A part of the Union family of restaurants, Honcho is their Mexican-inspired home for unique nods to classic dishes. Their burritos are massive and come in a few different varieties. For a more traditional take, try the carne asada, but if you’re in the mood for something unique, give the hot chicken burrito a try.

Hot Chicken Burrito from Honcho
Hot Chicken Burrito from Honcho

El Asador Steakhouse 

1312 Springwells, Detroit 

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El Asador Steakhouse is known for its incredible steaks, but its burritos are just as noteworthy. The Mexican-style steak burrito is filled with perfectly cooked steak, pico de gallo, beans, and rice. It’s a hearty and delicious option that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.


13754 Fort Street, Southgate

Galindo’s is an area favorite and for good reason. Their extensive menu goes on and on and they feature five different burritos. You can go the traditional route with a choice of meat, Oaxaca cheese, beans, rice, lettuce, pico, and sour cream. Or you can spice things up with their chipotle burrito. If you love sauces on top, try their wet burrito with your choice of mild, hot, or verde sauce.

Los Galanes 

3362 Bagley Street, Detroit

Los Galanes is a colorful and vibrant Mexican restaurant that’s been open for over 40 years. Their Burrito Colorado is a standout dish that’s filled with tender, shredded beef, beans, cheese, and lettuce. It’s then topped with a zesty red sauce that adds the perfect amount of heat to the dish.

Pancho’s Taco and Meat Shop

47752 West Pontiac Trail, Wixom

A butcher shop and taqueria in one, Pancho’s Taco and Meat Shop is a family-owned business tucked away in a strip mall in Wixom. Their burritos are filled to the brim and then grilled for a crispy finish on the tortilla. Since it’s also a butcher shop, you get your choice of meats: marinated pork, steak, Mexican sausage, vegan sausage, or chicken).


3409 Bagley Street, Detroit
Xochimilco is a family-owned restaurant that’s been serving up delicious Mexican cuisine for over 50 years. Their wet burrito is a standout dish that’s a customer favorite. The burrito is filled with seasoned beef or chicken, beans, cheese, and lettuce, and then smothered in a savory red sauce. It’s the perfect comfort food and will warm you up on a chilly day.