From Ink Master to Detroit: Meet Geary Morrill

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 6, 2018
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In the world of art, there are many different styles that are characterized by recognizable traits seen across a group of artistic pieces. The same can be said of the world of tattoos. Tattoo artists typically borrow elements from their favorite styles while incorporating new ideas in an effort to distinguish their work.


Tattoo by Geary Morrill.

For example, local tattoo artist Geary Morrill’s style of tattoo design is based in the American traditional style but also blends elements of pop art and surrealism into something he calls “PsychoTrad” or “psychedelic traditional.”

My style of tattooing is a singular genre I developed over 20 years,” Morrill said. “I use a lot of bright colors, geometric patterns, shapes and color-blocking techniques.”

Morrill recently opened a new tattoo parlor in Ferndale, Michigan called futurelazertiger, relocating from Richmond, Virginia to do so.

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“I felt really inspired by Detroit’s comeback and I wanted to be a part of that movement. I designed my studio with inspiration from Detroit’s industrial history and revitalized art scene,” Morrill said. “My shop has a fun, funky, modern-industrial vibe. We have clients and guest artists that come in from other states or countries, so I love getting the chance to showcase a little bit of Detroit flavor for our visitors.”

While living in Richmond, Morrill had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete on Spike TV’s Ink Master.

“It was extremely difficult, challenging and taxing. But it’s something that I’m glad I did, and I’m proud of it.” Morrill told Richmond-Times Dispatch in 2016.


Tattoo by Geary Morrill.

When asked what inspires the style of art that he brings to his tattoo work, Morrill pointed to the Detroit art scene as an inspiration.

“From street murals to found-object art installments to the DIA, I love being immersed in creativity,” Morrill said. “I am constantly energized by the work coming out of the Detroit tattoo community. There are so many tattooers here that are pushing the envelope and doing work that is out of the box of ‘normal.’”

With the abundance of options when it comes to finding a tattoo artist, Morrill says the key is to find an artist whose work you admire. If you’re interested in Morrill’s work or that of his fellow artists at futurelazertiger, check out their website for more info.