Be Captivated By The Ambiance: Impressive Restaurants

February 13, 2024
alpino dining room with a natural atmosphere based on the Alpine Mountains

Photo courtesy of Alpino

Metro Detroit’s culinary landscape is as diverse and inviting as its history, with each restaurant offering not just a meal but an experience. Among the jewels of Metro Detroit, each of these restaurants presents a unique ambiance that complements their culinary offerings, creating unforgettable dining experiences in an amazing atmosphere. Let’s take a closer look at the ambiance that defines each of these dining spots for a memorable meal.


121 West Washington Street, Ann Arbor

With an exciting underground setting and a cozy wine bar, The Earle Restaurant in Ann Arbor is a perfect date night option. The warm lighting, brick walls, comfortable booths, and regular live music make for a relaxing night out. Originally a Jazz Club, The Earle is now a very romantic and intimate restaurant that goes perfectly with their classic French and Italian menu. The extensive wine list with over 1,200 selections and hearty dishes only enhances the cozy, comforting atmosphere of The Earle as soft jazz plays throughout the setting.

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1426 Bagley Street, Detroit

Nestled in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood, Alpino is “inspired by regions that surround the Alpine Mountains,” according to the Alpino team. After opening its doors last summer, “The restaurant is now open daily for dinner as well as Sunday brunch. Alpino’s mission is to cultivate a communal atmosphere centered around high-quality foods, made simply, and paired with excellent wine, music, and hospitable service.” It quickly became a sanctuary for those seeking a welcoming atmosphere. The interior design, inspired by the mountainous region, features natural wood accents, stone elements, and soft lighting, creating a warm and inviting space, making every meal a moment to cherish. 

alpino bar area with set places, natural lighting, and a wall of glasses for an atmosphere inspired by the Alpine regions.
Photo courtesy of Alpino


1265 Washington Boulevard, Detroit

Le Suprême brings a slice of French elegance to Detroit with its sophisticated décor and refined ambiance. The restaurant’s design, with its chic furnishings and soft, warm lighting, transports diners to a Parisian bistro, offering a cozy yet elegant dining experience. The attentive service and impeccably presented dishes add to the allure, making it a perfect spot for those wanting exceptional French fare. This Parisian-inspired brasserie has comfortable booths, vintage art, and a perfect balance of green tiling and wood paneling throughout, creating a welcoming and elegant dining space. 


4421 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

Timeless is usually the first word that comes to mind when thinking of the Whitney Restaurant. The Whitney offers an unparalleled dining experience in a historic mansion, where elegance and grandeur meet. The restaurant’s Victorian architecture, with its opulent décor, sparkling chandeliers, and intricate woodwork, transports diners to a bygone era. The mansion turned restaurant and event venue has a luxurious home-like feel with fireplaces, stained glass windows, and gorgeous art throughout the building. The Whitney is a must to visit, just off the atmosphere alone, but add in its impressive menu and a wide variety of events, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t visit sooner. If you want to more info on The Whitney, along with other historic restaurants, check out our list here.


1509 Broadway Street, Detroit

Ash-Bar, with its moody interiors and minimalistic design, offers an intimate dining experience. Located on the second floor of the Siren Hotel, the focus is on the culinary journey, with an open kitchen that allows diners to witness the magic as it unfolds. The dim lighting and contemporary décor create a chic yet inviting atmosphere, perfect for those looking to explore innovative dishes in a more personal setting. With touches of Art Deco with a nod to the Industrial Boom Era in a green hue, Ash-Bar is the place to be. 


600 West Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit

Cibo is known for its modern Mediterranean flare, capturing the heart of Italian dining with its oasis-like ambiance. With lots of natural lighting, greenery, and light woods, the space is paired with elegant marble, plush seating, and upscale designs. Opened last fall inside the Cambria Hotel, Cibo offers a menu with unique twists and hand-selected, locally sourced ingredients. Cibo is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so transport yourself to the shores of the Mediterranean and grab a table. 


27790 Novi Road, Novi

Toasted Oak Grill & Market blends rustic charm with modern elegance, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere. The use of natural wood, leather seating, and a fireplace adds to the rustic appeal, while the modern lighting and décor elements bring a contemporary flair. It’s a place where comfort food meets sophisticated taste in a relaxed setting. A delicious blend of classical and modern French cuisine awaits you at Toasted Oak. For special occasions, be sure to reserve the private dining room that’s perfectly suited for a variety of small events with a ‘farm to fork’ style service. 


401 Depot Street, Ann Arbor

Located in a beautifully restored train depot, Gandy Dancer captivates with its historical charm and elegant ambiance. The high ceilings, exquisite stonework, and setting along the train tracks create a sense of grandeur, making every dining experience feel special. With vintage decor and beautiful artwork, Gandy Dancer is a welcoming spot any day of the week. The restaurant is known for its creative seafood dishes and its perfectly paired wine menu. The cuisine, much like the setting, combines tradition with innovation, offering a truly memorable dining experience.

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