It’s March Munchie Mania! Which Local Restaurant Will You Vote For?

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 16, 2018
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Your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers love to highlight the community’s favorite food. From favorite Indian restaurants, vegan friendly spots, or brand new openings, we like putting the spotlight on the vast and exciting metro Detroit food scene.

To celebrate some of the area’s best restaurants, we will begin our first ever March Munchie Mania starting today! The tournament will consist of 16 local restaurants chosen by our newsroom from personal preferences and range from fine dining, to burger spots, to “everything but the kitchen sink.” Every few days we will release a new poll on the website consisting of two local restaurants and whoever receives more votes, will advance.

You can view the bracket below and we will announce the winners over on our Facebook page. If you see your favorite in the bracket, be sure to come back and vote so it can advance in the tournament!

Get ready to vote for your favorite and discover new and exciting restaurants you should visit as we begin our March Munchie Mania today! To follow all the mania be sure to check back on our website and look out for the bracket on Facebook.March Munchie Mania Bracket

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