It’s tamale time!

By: Katie Goncalves | February 27, 2023
Assorted fresh tamales

When you think of comfort food, you think of something hearty, filling, and typically homemade. Tamales are all of those things and then some. Simply made with masa harina, possibly some protein, cheese, or beans, and pressed into a corn husk to be steamed, these simple yet scrumptious portable pockets of deliciousness should become one of your comfort food staples. Did you also know there are other countries with their own take on tamales that are equally as delicious? While making tamales from scratch can be a whole-day affair, check out these locations serving up the best tamales you can get. 

Prince Valley Market

5931 Michigan Avenue, Detroit

Fresh tamales are available every day at Prince Valley Market in their grab-and-go section. They have several flavors including pork or chicken with red sauce and you can get as many as you’d like with their fresh, homemade salsas.

Tamales from Prince Valley Market
Tamales from Prince Valley Market

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Algo Especial Super Market

2628 Bagley Street, Detroit

If you’re looking for super authentic tamales then you have to check out Algo Especial Super Market where the tamale reviews are all incredible. They have a variety of options from chicken to pork as well as sweet options with strawberry or pineapple. You can get these in orders of half dozen and dozen but you might need more than that.


Antojitos El Catracho Restaurant

4627 Vernor Highway, Detroit

For a little bit of a different spin on tamales, you have to try Antojitos El Catracho Restaurant. Antojitos is a Hondouran-style diner that serves Honduran-style tamales. The primary differences are the silkier textured masa and the tamales being wrapped in banana leaves. The tamales here are filled with potatoes, peas, rice, and your choice of meat.  

Evie’s Tamales

3454 Bagley Street, Detroit 

Tucked away in Mexicantown sits Evie’s Tamales, an unassuming place with what many people call the best tamales in the city. This place is a hot spot for holiday tamale ordering and is always jam-packed Monday through Saturday. 

Honey Bee Market – La Colmena

2443 Bagley Street, Detroit

Honey Bee Market is one of the best Mexican specialty food markets around and their tamales are available seven days a week. You can get their spicy pork tamales ready to heat or frozen, depending on what you need.

La Cuscatleca

6343 Michigan Avenue, Detroit

La Cuscatleca is one of Detroit’s best-kept secrets. A Salvadoran market with all of the grocery staples includes a brief menu of Central American specialties, including their tamales. They have chicken and pork tamales on the menu that are pillowy and incredibly satisfying.

Tamaleria Nuevo Leon

2669 Vernor Highway, Detroit
Tamales are the only thing Tamaleria Nuevo Leon has been making since opening their doors in 1957. Oftentimes they’re cranking out dozens of tamales for parties and gatherings in a wide variety of flavors. If you want to bring some of the magic home, you can order 50 pounds of pre-made masa and host your own tamale-making party.