Juice Jumpstart: 5 Metro Detroit Spots for Fresh Juice and Smoothies

By: Katie Goncalves | July 16, 2023
Assorted juices from Fresh Rootz

Freshly squeezed juices and freshly blended smoothies are the perfect addition to any day. The health and wellness benefits of drinking juices and smoothies made with whole ingredients are incredible and can leave you feeling amazing afterward. If you’re new to the juice and smoothie scene, it can feel overwhelming with so many options to choose from. These Metro Detroit juice and smoothie joints will be able to help you find the blend that’s just right for you.

Fresh Rootz

97 West Warren Avenue, Detroit 

Fresh Rootz is a raw juice and smoothie bar in Detroit committed to clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. “Fresh Rootz is made up of a collaborative team of individuals who came together because of their passion for health and wellness; women-owned, black-owned, minority-owned. After years of our individual journeys, researching the benefits of diverse foods, natural herbs, and holistic healing, the team collectively created a line of fresh raw juices, smoothies, sea moss, and more! We also host events that serve as education and support in health and wellness; yoga classes, meditation sessions, poetry nights, and more! Each location will offer vegan foods, healthy drinks, study spaces, meeting areas, and interactive spaces, with plans for future locations to be big enough to host events that will educate and promote health and wellness.”

Juice from Fresh Rootz
Photo courtesy of Fresh Rootz

Drought Juice

Drought Juice was founded in 2010 by the James sisters with the mission of creating the perfect, organic, cold-pressed juice. They started sales in Eastern Market and quickly expanded to retailers nationwide. They can be found in many different locations across Metro Detroit as well as purchased online. 

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Cacao Tree Cafe

204 West 4th Street, Royal Oak 

Cacao Tree Cafe’s mission is to inspire people to eat more plants and use high-quality ingredients local to the source. They have an entire menu to build your own smoothie with various fruits, greens, and superfoods like cashew butter, local raw honey, and goji berries. The Cacao Tree Cafe also offers an extensive menu of fresh-pressed juices, tonics, and elixirs to help you feel your very best.

Sprout House Natural Foods Market

15233 Kercheval Ave, Grosse Pointe Park

Along with delicious pressed juices, Sprout House Natural Foods Market offers a full menu of vegan dishes cooked to order. Everything is made from scratch, and whenever possible, local ingredients are used. The current owners, Ann and Lisa, are continuing the 40+ years tradition of serving up delicious, healthy food to the community.

Storefront of Sprout House Natural Foods Market
Photo courtesy of Sprout House Natural Foods Market


23629 Farmington Road, Farmington

SIPP wants to provide every customer with great-tasting food and drinks they can feel good about. Their smoothie menu has a variety of flavor combinations from berries to tropical and even chocolate. Their juices are made with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as ginger and turmeric.