Kitchen Collaborators

By: Karen Dybis | December 6, 2019
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Photo Courtesy of Dish Detroit.

The holidays tend to mean lots of great food, parties and family gatherings. But those same events mean lots of hours in the kitchen, cooking as well as cleaning. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the food and your guests rather than be a slave to the stove.

Finding a great catering company to help with these all-important meals can be the difference between enjoying the day and wishing everyone would just go away. Metro Detroit has a wide variety of catering options from putting together a great bar to providing light bites to putting together a seven-course meal that will satisfy all appetites. 

“We just did Village Market for Thanksgiving and it was yummy,” said Grosse Pointe Woods mom Beth Cueter

Catering holiday events typically requires advance planning, so prepare to call these companies at least a few weeks before your event. Have a budget and menu in mind because that will make planning easier. You may also want to consider renting additional tables and the like to make service easier.

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Finally, think about who is going to serve and clean. There are companies out there that offer wait staff and bartending services as well, such as Paris Event Services, so you can sit back and enjoy the event as it happens rather than run around filling glasses and taking plates to the kitchen for the clean-up crew. 

Here are some well-known and well-run catering companies that specialize in holiday parties and planning services. 

Marchiori Catering 

If you’re anywhere near St. Clair Shores or Macomb County, then you likely know Marchiori Catering. Every holiday, you can eat at its Marter Road location, enjoying seafood feasts at Lent or Easter dinners. But they’ll also bring their plentiful portions and delicious food to your home for full dinners. Try the pasta; it is soft yet tender to the taste. 

Durdens Catering 

This Livonia-based company is knowns for its high level of service and food style. Chef Rytonie “Tony” Durden is a Baker College grad who has worked at multiple catering and culinary institutes before creating his own catering business. The food is soulful and comforting, prepared carefully to appeal to any palate. 

Lyla’s Catering 

This Grosse Pointe Woods mainstay is a treat for everyday dining but it is especially known for its catering chops. The carry-out restaurant specializes in tender and tasty Middle Eastern cuisine, offering plentiful portions of classics such as meat and spinach pies, Baba Ghanoush, grape leaves and more. They can make dishes with meat or without and every bite will be flavorful and filling. 

Dish Detroit 

Eaters of all ages give Dish Detroit rave reviews for many of its dishes. This ready-to-eat, to-go restaurant is great for grab-and-go meals as well as catering jobs of any size. Its dinners come with all the fixings, including pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream. 

Licavoli’s Market 

Another Grosse Pointe Woods favorite, Licavoli’s is the kind of place where you have to try every dish to feel like you’ve experienced it fully. It has a great pizza oven and lots of good pies that are ready to eat. For its catering menu, you can get every kind of Italian specialty along with desserts and even coffee.