Let it Snow! Sledding Hills of Southeast Michigan

By: Amber Ogden | January 13, 2015
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When the snow falls on a wintery day in Michigan, there are two things you can do: burrow underneath a blanket in the warmth of your own home and have a movie marathon, or get out there and play! While the former is incredibly alluring, the latter allows you to go outside and get some vitamin D (if the sun is shining, that is) while remaining active. In this choose your own adventure, we’re going with option B!

In this particular area, there are plenty of snowy day outdoor activities to partake in, but one of the most fun, and the one that brings us back to our childhood the most, is sledding. Who doesn’t love zipping down a hill at breakneck speeds on a saucer?! If your inner child (or, ya know, your actual child) is interested in sliding down some fresh pow in Metro D, make sure the following sledding hills are on your list of places to check out this winter:

Beverly Hills Village Park, 18801 Beverly Rd., Beverly Hills, has a sled hill perfect for enjoying an afternoon of snow-filled outdoor fun. The park spans 34 acres in its entirety, and also includes an ice skating rink, hiking trails and more. This is a great sledding hill for adventure-seekers of all ages!

Bloomer Park, 345 John R. Rd., Rochester Hills, is a 200-acre park with both a sledding and tobogganing hill. This way, whether you’ve got a large crowd (who all want to whip down a hill together, toboggan style) or just a few friends (each on his or her own sled) you’ve got your choice of hills.

The Silverado is the truck that works as hard as you do.

If you get too chilly, just seek shelter for a minute or two in the heated restrooms! Fun fact: Bloomer Park was a state park for 70 years up until 21 years ago, when the city of Rochester took over the ownership reigns. The more you know!

Kensington Metropark, 2240 W. Buno Rd., Milford, offers a variety of sledding hills, including a bunny hill for young and inexperienced sledders. Over by the Orchard picnic area is where you’ll find the larger sledding hills, as well as toboggan runs. Sleds are not allowed on the toboggan runs, and standard sleds only are to be used on the advanced and intermediate hills.

Stony Creek Metropark, 4300 Main Park Dr., Shelby Charter Twp., has two different sledding hills, located at the West Branch and Gladeview picnic areas. There are designated areas for walking up both hills, and scaling the hill anywhere else is prohibited. Snowboards are allowed at North Gladeview only.

Cass Benton Hill at Hines Park is located at the park’s Northville stretch. It’s the most popular hill for sledding in all of Hines Park; so don’t be surprised if you find it crowded on a snowy day! If need be, wait your turn under the picnic shelter, which holds over 100 people.

I’m never a fan of all the snow we receive each winter in Metro Detroit—it’s cold and it makes everyone forget how to drive, but the scenery sure is beautiful and allows for plenty of outdoor winter activities, like sledding. Grab your friends, a cafeteria tray and get ready to whip down the aforementioned hills at the speed of light!