Lets Get Weird: Obscure Competitions in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 12, 2017
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Something about getting in the competitive spirit gets our juices flowing. Whether that’s watching our favorite teams or athletes take on their opponents, or trying to take down the competition ourselves, competing is just pure fun. If you’re looking for something a little different than you’re used to, we’ve got your back as we’ve compiled a list of six different competitions you can either partake in yourself or spectate. Put your game face on and get ready for some fun competitions!  

Historic Baseball at Greenfield Village (6/10-8/20)

Spending a beautiful afternoon at a professional baseball game is something everyone should do at least once every summer, but if you need a change of pace, you should check out the Historic Baseball games at Greenfield Village. The games are played in the 1867 style of baseball, which is much different than you might think. Games take place every Saturday and Sunday and are free with Village admission.

Stein Hoisting Contest at the 53rd Annual Bay-Rama Fishfly Festival (6/21-6/25)

The Bay-Rama Festival has plenty of fun activities for the whole family to take part in, including the crazy Cardboard Boat Race, but arguably the most obscure is the Stein Hoisting Contest. It’s simple, pay $5 to stand on a stage and see if you can hold a mug full of beer without spilling. Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female stein hoister. If stein hoisting is not your thing, then you should also check out the Corn Hole tournament taking place at the festival on Friday, June 23 and Saturday, June 24.

Baby Crawl at the National Baby Food Festival (7/19-7/22)

If you’re looking for a place for your 0-24 month old baby to shine, look no further than the Baby Crawl at the National Baby Food Festival in Fremont. Babies can race in quite possibly the cutest race event, but if your infant isn’t up for the competition there’s plenty of other activities. There’s the Kid’s Zone, a car show, and even a bed race.

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Outhouse Race at the Yale Bologna Festival (7/28-7/30)

This year’s Yale Bologna Festival has plenty of obscure competitions, like the cardboard boat race, horseshoe tournament, and Bologna Baby contest, but the most obscure has to be the Outhouse Race. The co-ed race will feature homemade outhouses (complete with toilets) on wheels that will pushed by a four member team. It might sound strange or silly, but it’s a big deal at the festival and always leads to an entertaining race.

Scottish Dance and Field Competitions at the St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit Highland Games (8/4-8/5)

There are plenty of interesting games taking place at this year’s Highland Games hosted by St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit. If you want to see CrossBow, Hammer Throw, Caber Toss, or Stone Put competitions, this is the place to check it out. We definitely want to witness the Highland Dance along with the Piping and Drumming competitions because we’ve never seen either one of those in person, and the best of the best will be competing there. Both will take place throughout the day on Saturday, August 5.