Load Up on these Loaded Baked Potatoes in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | February 6, 2019
Loaded Potatoes The Potato Place

Chicken, broccoli, corned beef, shrimp and bacon loaded potato from The Potato Place. Photo courtesy of The Potato Place.

I don’t know about you, but, growing up, baked potatoes were my go-to savory dish. Sure, a baked potato is more of a side dish, but if you throw enough toppings on that bad boy, you may as well have a full meal all in one freshly-baked, delicious package. Cheese and sour cream are staple toppings, but I like a good pile of bacon with broccoli and some crushed pepper on there to really bring things up a few degrees of awesome.

For all of the great forms a baked potato can take, no one knows that better than the local places you see here. From steak-loaded to Detroit Coney-style baked potatoes, these dishes are loaded for your enjoyment.

The Potato Place
Located on Warren Ave., The Potato Place is the place for delicious, piled-high servings of baked potatoes. There are 26 options on the menu that range from chicken alfredo to a philly cheesesteak-style baked potato. If none of those make your eyes glow with desire, customize your own baked potato with more than 25 toppings, like taco sauce, nacho cheese, steak, mushrooms, crushed red peppers, spinach and more. Note: The Potato Place is a cash-only establishment.

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Spud Headz


“Golden Nuggets” from Spud Headz. Photo courtesy of Spud Headz.

Across both of its Detroit locations, Spud Headz prides itself on making all of its food as it’s ordered and making all sauces and gravy in-house every day. That dedication can be seen in each one of its Smashed Baked Potatoes. From chicken bacon ranch to a Detroit Coney-style potato, Spud Headz packs heaping helpings of potato and toppings for something unforgettable.

While billed as a steakhouse, Capers has been serving made-to-order meals on Detroit’s east side since 1982. Yes, that includes its four cuts of steak (Delmonico/rib-eye, New York strip, t-bone, filet), but it also includes its long list of mouth-watering sides, like the chili, bacon and cheese fries or, you guessed it, the loaded baked potato. Each loaded baked potato is packed with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, sour cream and butter, but you can also add on additional toppings, like broccoli, chili, chicken and steak.

Cutter’s Bar & Grill
Sure, you could go to Cutter’s Bar & Grill, enjoy one of its juicy hamburgers and head home satisfied But, you’d be remiss to go to Cutter’s and not try one of its loaded baked potatoes. Whether you want a plain baked potato (w/ butter and sour cream) as a side dish or a fully-loaded baked potato with steak bites, broccoli and cheese, Cutter’s no-frills American bar atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy the food as much as the company of friends.