Local Baseball League Hits It Out of the Park in First Two Years

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 7, 2017
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Batter up! Baseball season is home to many familiar feelings, sights and sounds. From the ballpark hot dogs to the familiar “crack” of a bat; thanks to United Shore Professional Baseball League, Jimmy John’s Field in Utica is where you can catch these familiar feelings all while bearing witness to the rising stars of baseball.

Attending a game at Jimmy John’s Field gives fans the chance to see hard-working players achieve their dreams. USPBL is an opportunity for baseball players in the 18-25 age range, who might have gone undrafted in college or were released from a minor league contract, to continue playing in hopes of signing contracts with Major League teams.

“[The players] absolutely love our ballpark,” USPBL Chairman Andrew Appleby said. “They get to chase the dream, play in front of sold-out crowds, sign autographs. They’re very well taken care of and on top of it, we put a lot of financial resources behind not just their well being, but their improvement, which is something that’s very unique to the USPBL.”

In less than two full seasons, USPBL has seen 18 players signed to Major League organizations, including the Minnesota Twins, the Atlanta Braves, the Chicago White Sox, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Boston Red Sox and more. Who knows? Catch one of their games right here in metro Detroit and you might have just witnessed a future baseball star in the making.

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At Jimmy John’s Field, you won’t just see the rising stars of baseball. No, a ticket to a USPBL game gets you so much more. All season long, USPBL puts on events that you probably won’t see at a major league game.


“There’s probably 10 innovations that have never been done before anywhere in the world,” Appleby said, “and all in little Utica, Michigan of all places.”

Some of those innovations come in the form of a whiffle ball field, a children’s playground and fireworks shows; not to mention the sheer volume of themed days/nights, like Harry Potter Day, Zombie Night, Jimmy Buffett Night, a human cannonball flying through the air…wait, what!?

“We had the human cannonball last night,” Appleby said. “…it was awesome! [laughs] I can’t believe he flew through the air. It was great!”

That’s the heart of the attraction that is a night at Jimmy John’s Field. Giving you, the fan, more entertainment than you were expecting from a game of baseball. USPBL enjoys giving fans and members of the community more than they paid for when they decided to spend their time and money at Jimmy John’s Field.

One upcoming event that was designed with the kids in mind is Scout Night on Saturday, August 12, presented by your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers, one of the proud sponsors of USPBL. Bring your boy scout, cub scout, girl scout or brownie for a night of free entertainment and activities after the game. Spend a night camping on Jimmy John’s Field and enjoy a movie on a big screen.

“Scout Nights are hugely popular,” Appleby said. “We can’t wait to have the Scout Night [this year]. We are expecting upwards of 500 to 1,000 people camping out. It’s crazy.”

If you haven’t had a chance to catch a game at Jimmy John’s Field or want to go back for another fun night, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers are giving away tickets for Free Funday Sunday! Just head up to the Group Will-Call window at Jimmy John’s Field on any Sunday this season and tell the ticket agent “Chevy Drives the Motor City.” The agent will hand you a form to fill out and you’ll receive up to six (6) free General Admission tickets! We’ll see you there!