Make the Most of Your Kid’s Summer with a Local Summer Camp

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 11, 2018
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A prevailing sentiment I hear a lot from people is that kids never play outside anymore. They’re always glued to glowing screens and controllers instead of sunshine and recreation. A great way to get a kid outside, learning and exercising is a summer camp! Whether they’re interested in science and nature or just like to kick a ball around, there’s no shortage of summer camps that will appeal to their passions.

Science & Nature

Seeing a kid learn something new about the world around them is a reward of its own. The moment something clicks in their mind and their face lights up (like a light bulb, you might say), is like nothing else. Some kids love learning about how technology works. Others want to know why certain animals behave the way they do. Whatever their fancy, a science/nature summer camp is perfect for them.

The Leslie Science & Nature Center has summer camps that run at various times through August. Their camps range in topics from animals and their ecosystems to how creatures survive in the wild.


We may not be born with gills, but humans have always felt an attraction to the water. As kids, going swimming in the summertime may as well be a national pastime. From swimming lessons to cannonball competitions, swimming is a great activity to promote healthy, fun exercise.

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Berkley Parks & Recreation have summer day camps that offer swimming at local outdoor pools, beaches, water parks and more.


If your child isn’t the type to jump into a pool without a second guess, getting outside and moving around on land is just as good. One of the best ways to get a kid interested in outdoor exercise is through sports. Whether they’re looking to keep up with their training in the off-season or you just want them to have something fun to do outside with like-minded peers, a sports summer camp is perfect!

Farmington Hills has a series of summer camps called Unplugged Summer Camps and include several sports camps, such as archery, soccer, lacrosse, golf and even skateboarding!