Matcha Tea Drinks Blend Health and Flavor

By: Karen Dybis | January 20, 2021

Photo Courtesy of Narrow Way.

Matcha has become the Beyoncé of ingredients in recent years, gaining popularity for its unique flavor and ability to excel in any drink or dish you put it in. There are matcha lattes, smoothies, donuts and desserts of all kinds popping up around Metro Detroit.

Matcha gained attention from chefs and baristas alike for its ability to offer deep color as well as freshness to a drink or dish. It is a Japanese green tea powder, traditionally made by drying the tea leaves and mashing them into a fine powder. Because it is made from leaves, matcha tends to give most things it is used in a bright green hue as well. 

This smart ingredient gives you a bit of everything health wise as well. It is a tea leaf, so there is caffeine for those who like a boost of energy. It offers antioxidants that are said to help reduce blood pressure and risk of heart disease. So it helps create a buzz while also keeping you feeling good throughout the day. 

Matcha has what some might call a umami flavor, kind of like mushrooms or some proteins. It isn’t super sweet, so that is why you’ll tend to find matcha used in lattes and smoothies so the creator can add some sugar or sugar substitute to smooth it out. You can make the tea with water or milk as well, so that can create a frothy and easy-to-drink blend. 

Here are some Metro Detroit bars, coffee houses and restaurants that have added matcha to their menus. 

Narrow Way Café

This Detroit café on the Livernois Avenue of Fashion has one of chilliest atmospheres in Metro Detroit. Its matcha iced latte is just as cold and refreshing, giving everyone who stops by a great drink to go and get things done around the city.


Short’s Brewing Company

You might not think a beer called “The Ooze” could be this popular. But this Milkshake IPA has a lot of fans. The brew is created with lactose, vanilla, matcha and pineapple. The matcha makes it lime green in color, making it fun to drink and the pineapple makes it tropical as well. Short’s says this medium bodied beer is smooth and creamy with a good feeling overall. 

Dessert Oasis

If you are feeling a bit sluggish, Dessert Oasis has a matcha tea latte that is sure to pick you up and get your day running again. It combines matcha powder with the sweetness of natural honey and the warmth of steamed milk. You can warm up and get a bolt of matcha caffeine all in one drink. 

PAO Detroit

This drink earns raves from its fans who love the unique combination of peanut butter and matcha. The Peanut Butter Tea from PAO Detroit takes something truly special – peanut-butter whiskey – and adds matcha limeade with a tropical puree. It is likely one of the most creative drinks found in Metro Detroit. 

Drifter Coffee

Whether you like your to-go drinks warm or cold, Drifter Coffee has you covered. It offers its matcha in two varieties. There is a classic Matcha latte, which is served warm and sweet to your taste, as well as an iced version. Load it up with chilly ice cubes and turn on your seat heaters to get the rest of your activities ready to roll.