Matt Dmits Gets Ready to Rock for a Cause at This Year’s ‘Home for the Holidaze’

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 10, 2018
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Blending alternative country with an Americana flare, Metro Detroit’s Matt Dmits has taken a life-long passion and turned it into a promising music career.

From an early age, Dmits was obsessed with music. What started out as a strategy to get girls to notice him at age 12, turned into an intense passion as playing and writing music was all he wanted to do. He joined a local band called Jiant and played with them for almost ten years. Kept his passion for playing the guitar and writing music alive since then by accompanying other local performers.

Now Dmits is making his own music and released his first solo album, “Thinnest of Threads,” this past February. The 11-song LP is about all of the little strings in one’s life; your hopes, your dreams, and anything that keeps people together. Dmits loves making that connection with people through music, especially during a performance.

“Sometimes during a performance the room gets quiet, and you can tell that people are listening, and actively so, to what’s going on up onstage. I play for those times when the crowd locks into the performance like that,” Dmits said.

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Audiences will be able to lock into one of his performances at the upcoming Home for the Holidaze concert taking place at PJ’s Lager House on Friday, December 14. The show is a local songwriter showcase as well as a charity drive for Outcry Street Ministry and Hater Kitty Rescue Army. All of the proceeds from the event will go towards purchasing food and winter clothes for these great causes.

Admission is $5 with one can of food or winter clothing item or $6 without any items. The 16th annual show will also feature performances from Ricky Rat, Brian Raleigh, Eric Patrick Kelley, Mar Brisa, Mike Galbraith, and Courtney Hurley.

For more information on everything that Matt Dmits has coming up, be sure to find him on Facebook and on his Bandcamp page. If you want more information on this year’s Home for the Holidaze concert, be sure to visit the event’s Facebook page.