Metro Detroit Can Shop ‘United’ with Collection

By: Amber Ogden | June 1, 2018
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There are tons of retail and pop-up shops in high demand all over the metro Detroit area for women. But United Front, an online boutique that is now becoming a stand-alone storefront, is breaking the traditional women’s apparel rules. Only selling skirts and dresses, United Front is pushing the agenda of flirty femininity with confidence but still keeping things affordable and fashionably chic.  Created two years ago as a pop-up shop, today it is opening as a stand-alone storefront ready to accommodate women of all sizes with attire for a socially active lifestyle.

Creator Jordette Singleton is the store’s proprietor with the brains behind the mission. Her goal is to create a women’s apparel one-stop shop that would be comfortable for customers’ pocketbooks but still sell pieces that are ready for any event around town.  

The idea of United Front came to Singleton while attending Wayne State University, where she received her marketing and advertising degree. She had always found it difficult to find apparel for all of her needs; pieces that fit her well and were high quality. Those frustrations informed the concept behind United Front. She saw a need and she filled it.


White and yellow dress found at United Front in Detroit. Photo courtesy of United Front.

“Finding quality dresses and skirts to go to work or to hit up a happy hour, I found that everything was always a party dress,” Singleton explained. “Also as a mother, my figure and frame was always changing and I found it difficult to find dresses that looked good on me and were of good quality.”

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The first pop-up debut of United Front was at the North End Collective in the New Center area. Having the space for a while allowed Singleton to practice running a storefront.

“Doing a pop-up was the safest route to test the market offline without the commitment,” she said. “So, while learning more about my consumer and learning what it meant to run a business offline, it gave me a chance to learn what was needed to move to another location.”

With Singleton’s new location to open June 1st, customers will be leaving the store with more than just clothes. Foundation garments will be sold in-store to accommodate customers needing the perfect fit even under their dresses and skirts. Singleton will be incorporating a beauty element that includes selling makeup and perfumes which she believes is all a part of looking and feeling good. United Front will also feature local brands including men’s apparel Bleu Bowtique.

Singleton works hard to accommodate her customers and mentions the passion she has for her brand. “You have to be passionate about it. Being in business is hard. Being passionate about United Front reflects in how I serve my consumers. It makes a difference in their lives. I always tell people, it has to be authentic and organic in order for the business to work. Just because things don’t go your way, you don’t give up. The passion aids in pushing through.”

Customers can still shop online at and on June 1st, customers can visit in person and shop at the grand opening at 3939 Woodward. There will be music, shopping, a meet and greet with Jordette Singleton and a house champagne toast. June 2nd there will be a soft opening with a champagne toast from 4-7 p.m.