Metro Detroit Food Trends You Need to Know About

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 3, 2020
Current Diet Trends

As we continue to adapt to the new normal put on us by the coronavirus pandemic, many have shifted their eating habits due to health reasons or even food availability. That has caused this summer to see some interesting food trends, including some that will most likely stick around for the rest of 2020. Here are some food trends we have our eyes (or we should say stomach) on.

Plant-Based Meat

New surveys have shown that more people are gravitating toward plant-based sources of protein during the pandemic. This might be partially due to the meat shortage, but the health benefits are also a huge reason for the sudden surge. Plant-based meat patties are great options for not only a summer cookout but to also get the proper amount of daily protein. Be sure to check out some other great benefits of plant-based meat and where you can find it in Metro Detroit here.

Mood-Boosting Ingredients

Mental health is always important, but that has especially been the case during the coronavirus pandemic. While you might not think that the food you eat can affect your mental health, it does more than you think. We highlighted some ingredients you can use in your tea, smoothies, or even dishes that can help relieve anxiety, stress and improve overall neurological health.

Fish Specials

While the fishing industry has taken a hit during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking towards fish and seafood in general for fresh, new dinner ideas. While preparing a seafood dish doesn’t have to be all that complicated, there are numerous dinner ideas such as fish tacos, a freshly cooked salmon, or simply cod with some veggies. If you’re looking for great seafood takeout options, be sure to check out these local restaurants.

Vegan Goodness

Grocery stores were hit hard at the beginning of this pandemic, and we thank all of the workers who worked tirelessly to keep shelves stocked and stores running smoothly. While large chain grocery stores carry many fresh, vegan items, smaller and local vegan grocery stores have helped Metro Detroiters try new and exciting dishes during the pandemic. Stores like Harbortown Market in Detroit offer fresh produce and a large variety of organic foods.