Metro Detroiters Crowd The Lobster Pitstop for Fresh Seafood

By: Karen Dybis | January 10, 2022
Lobster Pitstop

Photo Courtesy of Lobster Pitstop.

Lobster. Just the word alone might have some people drooling when they think about its tenderness and lovely flavor. It is light, bright and versatile–and a product that chefs love to work with when they can. 

That is definitely true for Chef Nick Wilson, who has turned his love for lobster into two places where Metro Detroiters can enjoy his work and his creativity. One is the Lobster Food Truck and the other, which just opened, is The Lobster Pitstop

It started with the Lobster Food Truck, which you could find with long lines around Metro Detroit if you were smart and hungry. Now, that has expanded to The Lobster Pitstop, a carryout hot spot in Dearborn near the beloved Ford-Wyoming Drive-In theater. 

The Lobster Pitstop opened in November to raves from customers and local media. It carries everything lobster, and it is as good as you can expect with such a decadent ingredient. Think lobster bisque, lobster rolls with garlic butter and cheesy grits with lobster, shrimp and fresh herbs. It’s all made with love and a chef’s lens, meaning each dish has top ingredients and adherence to the best in food science. 

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Co-owners Nick Wilson and his aunt, Kathryn Wilson, are the brains and muscle behind the brand. Chef Nick has been manning the food truck for the past three years, and its fame has grown month over month as people talked to one another around this big small town known as Detroit. People kept up with its online calendar and lined up for everything on the menu.


Chef Nick is a native Detroiter but got his culinary education across the United States in the first part of his career in food. Most recently, he was the chef de cuisine at Atlanta and South Florida, where he mastered the basics and was ready to grow when he got home to Detroit. And it shows–the Lobster Food Truck was voted the No. 1 food truck in Detroit by Hour magazine this year. 

The Pitstop menu is slightly larger than the food truck, which makes perfect sense and is exciting for those who have already sampled all of its wares to date. This menu includes regular features such as its signature lobster grilled cheese and lobster mac ‘n cheese as well as a weekly menu that rotates through a variety of specials. 

There is something for everyone on the menu from Caesar salad to start or a cold shrimp salad. If you’re not a big lobster fan or want to try other fish, you can check out the fried fish sandwiches, filet mignon steak, seafood pasta or fried shrimp hoagie roll. There also are sides such as waffle fries, lettuce wraps and, you guessed it, more lobster. 

Supporting small businesses–especially food trucks, new restaurants and family-owned companies–has never been more important. If we’ve all collectively learning something from the pandemic, it is that eating out is a luxury in some ways, and having great carry-out food options is incredibly important to our overall enjoyment. 

That is why having places like the Lobster Pitstop and its owners are essential to Metro Detroit and the overall food environment in Dearborn and across Detroit–they are bringing new ideas and great flavor to our neighborhoods. They also are adding a sense of community and great memories to those who eat there. And that is definitely something that we can all support right now.