Metro Detroit’s Guide To Fries

By: Carolyn Hall | June 19, 2024
classic seasoned fries from noori pocha

Photo courtesy of Noori Pocha

When it comes to fries, Metro Detroiters certainly have their favorites, and the restaurants around offer an impressive variety. From classic cuts to creative twists, the fry choices at these local eateries are sure to satisfy your fried potato cravings. Let’s explore some of the best places in Metro Detroit to indulge in some French fries…


2200 West Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit

Green Dot Stables is well known for its unique and eclectic slider menu, but its fries deserve just as much attention. The Truffle and Herb Fries are a standout, offering a gourmet twist on the classic fry with a delightful blend of truffle oil and fresh herbs. Other delicious fry options are the Le Poutine, Cajun, or Venison Chili Cheese. Pair any of these with a couple of Green Dot Stables’ creative sliders for a perfect meal. From BBQ Bacon and Mystery Meat to Cuban and Philly Cheesesteak sliders, the options are set to satisfy. 

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207 South Main Street, Royal Oak

Comet Burgers is a retro-themed diner known for its juicy burgers, creamy milkshakes, and crispy fries. The classic ones are a fan favorite, perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. For an extra treat, try their loaded fries topped with cheese, grilled onions, Comet Sauce, and bacon – it’s comfort food at its best. Other excellent fry options include the seasoned waffle, chili, and garlic fries that feature garlic seasoning and garlic mayo. These are great accompaniments to the pita sandwiches, burgers, and sliders. 


1 South Main Street, Clawson

Noori Pocha offers a dual dining experience with a take-out area for Korean Fried Chicken and a Gastro Pub for authentic Korean dishes. Yeol Andy Kwon tells us, “We have been open for more than 3 years now and have built our reputation to have one of the best fried chicken in Metro Detroit. [The gastro-pub is] focused on serving customers authentic Korean dishes that revolve around Korean alcoholic drinks such as soju and Korean beers. We feature an exciting atmosphere, a unique interior, and authentic and tasty Korean cuisine.” The French fries are crispy, golden, and tossed in parsley and ranch powder. The Magic Sprinkle fries, on the other hand, are tossed in Norri Pocha’s dry rub cheese powder that is slightly sweet yet cheesy at the same time. Pair these with the Korean-style fried wings, with sauce choices ranging from sweet chili to hot and spicy, or the spicy pork, seafood soon dubu, or bulgogi. 

magic sprinkle fries from noori pocha
Photo courtesy of Noori Pocha


24110 John R Road, Hazel Park

Matt & Mo’s Italian Beef is a go-to spot for authentic Chicago-style sandwiches, but their fries are equally noteworthy. Found inside Doug’s Delight Ice Cream Shop, the shoestring fries are made to perfection with every bite and can be topped with cheese, housemade ranch, or sweet sriracha sauce. Also on the menu, you can find sweet potato waffle fries, classic poutine, or beef gravy fries, topped with homemade beef gravy that is made from Italian beef au jus. These fry choices make an excellent side to their famous Italian beef sandwiches.


22145 West Outer Drive, Dearborn

IceBurg offers a modern twist on classic American diner food, and their fries are a must-try. The sweet potato fries are topped with powdered sugar and the cheese fries are oh-so-yummy. The Thunder Fries deserve your attention, topped with nacho cheese, grilled turkey, turkey pastrami, corned beef, crispy chicken, IceBurg sauce, and ranch. This delicious combination could be enjoyed on its own, or along with a halal burger like the Beirut or the Toad, featuring grilled mushrooms, cucumber wasabi sauce, and Swiss cheese. Any of the fries are a perfect match for any of their gourmet burgers or sandwiches.


22965 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale

Hero or Villain Deli is known for its creative and delicious sandwiches, but its fries are a hidden gem. The Wookie waffle fries are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. To elevate them, the Bowcaster fries are topped with giardiniera, feta cheese, and sriracha mayo. Order these along with the Deathstroke sandwich for a play on a Philly cheesesteak, or Wario for a deli sandwich with red onion and peppers on ciabatta. Hero or Villain also offers vegetarian (USA Captain America and Sinister) and vegan sandwiches (Starfire).


8606 North Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights

Aljoom’s BBQ and Burger Shack offer a delectable mix of burgers and barbecue dishes. Their fries are a highlight, especially when paired with their tender, flavorful entrees. On the Burger Shack menu, you’ll find Shack Fries, an excellent choice that are seasoned to perfection. There are also Cajun, ranch, or chili cheese options, along with Honey Chicken fries, drizzled with sweet and tangy honey mustard. For those wanting a barbecue option, the Detroit Loaded fries are the best choice, topped with melted cheddar cheese, smoked beef brisket, barbecue sauce, and spicy mayo. Pair your potato choice with a mouthwatering burger, smoked brisket sub, or smoked turkey sausage.


22275 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn

Potato Pit & Juice Bar specializes in all things potato. Their menu features a wide array of poutines, from buffalo chicken and gyro to the classic Canadian way. Additionally, the Fry Bowls are a must-try, starting with a bowl of fries, and topped with everything from meats and cheeses to toppings and sauces. You can build your own, with a potato-based choice of baked, roasted, tater tots, or fries, and then customize to your heart’s desire. Popular combinations are the Alfredo Bowl, with chicken or shrimp, grilled veggies, and creamy alfredo sauce, or the Loaded Cheese, with you guessed it, cheese galore. It’s got cheese curds, nacho cheese, and fried cheese curds. The fries here are all freshly cut daily. For a sweeter option, you’ll find funnel fries on the Juice Bar’s menu, featuring toppings like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Biscoff Cookie Butter, fresh fruit, and more.