Metro Detroit’s Top Prime Rib Destinations

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 27, 2016
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Prime rib: the crème de la crème of beef cuts. Prime rib gets its name from the USDA, which ranks the palatability of a cut of meat according to factors such as the maturity of the steer, texture, firmness, color of the lean and the marbling within the lean. This determines the cuts juiciness, flavor, tenderness, etc., which gives consumers a system by which to identify greater or lesser cuts of meat from each other.

But, why all this talk about prime rib, you ask? Well, it’s National Prime Rib Day today, ya dingus! Below, we’ve compiled a list of Detroit area steak and chop houses worth checking out.

Mr. Paul’s Chop House

With a beautifully lit atmosphere, Mr. Paul’s Chop House features a full menu with dishes specially prepared by the chef, such as the prime rib. In fact, Mr. Paul’s Chop House’s speciality is beef, so you can rest assure that you’ll be in for a treat.

London Chop House

As a restaurant that started in 1938, serving the finest meals to Detroit’s upper class, London Chop House can be defined by one thing: legacy. The Detroit-based chop house serves only the best cut of prime rib as well as steak and seafood. Whether you’re hosting an important business-related meeting or just want to impress someone for an evening, London Chop House’s menu is sure to delight.

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The Clawson Steakhouse

While The Clawson Steakhouse executive chef Jim Polk will make sure your prime rib (or filet mignon or New York or the signature 30 oz. porterhouse or…) is delicious down to the last bite, that is just the beginning of this fine dining experiencing. If you happen to find yourself there on a night like tonight (Prime Rib Day), you might start with a delicious prime rib meal and end with a night of dancing. The Clawson Steakhouse hosts live entertainment and dancing for patrons Wednesday through Saturday evenings.

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