Military Veterans Take on Red Wings Alumni in Charity Hockey Game

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 7, 2016
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The Michigan Warriors Hockey Program (MWHP) has been helping veterans transition from military service to community living by providing educational and developmental hockey activities to disabled veterans. The program prides itself on being the first of its kind in the state of Michigan and one of very few in the country.

The non-profit program welcomes veterans of any disability, injury, or skill level to join the program. They have provided over 4,000 man hours of ice time to 100 Metro Detroit veterans, at zero cost to them.

Josh Krajewski, founder and president/CEO of the program, says that he wanted to help veterans maintain a healthy and active lifestyle after their time in the military.

“Ice hockey itself, not only for the veteran experience, is the perfect analog for the life experience as a whole. Veterans are a very active group of people and being in a team-based environment and sport really is a good way for veterans to transition from military service to becoming a successful civilian,” said Krajewski.

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The program will be hosting their second annual charity hockey game against the Red Wings alumni on Saturday, November 19 at the USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth. The game, sponsored by your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers, will not only honor the veterans in the program and give them a really great experience to play in front of a big crowd, it is also an opportunity to show fans what the program does on a weekly basis.

MWHP currently has 70 active members on three different teams that meet at least once a week. There are three different skill levels veterans can partake in including the developmental program, the recreation program, and the first-ever competitive program, where the team will participate in tournaments and leagues.

“It is a very community driven program and we are only able to have this experience because of the community supporting us,” said Krajewski. “We recognize community service is very important to our program and our members and we love giving back to different organizations and volunteering our time and that’s what keep us going.”

For more information on the Michigan Warriors Hockey Program, and to purchase tickets to the game against the Red Wings Alumni, visit