Minestrone, Chowder & Bisque: SOUPer Good Meals in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 13, 2014
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Oh, the many functions of soup. You may think of it as a boring dish, but most of us love soup. It is recommended to make you feel better when you’re sick and have the sniffles. Perhaps you order a soup before your main course comes out at a restaurant. Hey, maybe you even get a little crazy and order a bowl of soup as a nice hearty meal.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice bowl of chicken lemon rice soup right now (Harry Caray voice: I know I would)? Or, perhaps you fancy yourself a minestrone soup type of person. Lobster bisque, hot and sour, chicken noodle, no matter your preference, the eateries in Metro Detroit have soup options galore.

Achatz Soup and Catering resides at 8111 St. Clair Hwy., in Casco, Mich. Achatz has been voted as both the “Best Soup” and the “Best Chili” on the Detroit A List’s City Voter competition in the past. The variety of soups at this place is impressive enough. From beef barley to zucchini garden chowder and everything in between, Achatz knows soups. Seasonal soups, such as squash, also come in and out of the mix. The best part is that this establishment caters and you can find soups and other products in grocery stores and markets all over the state.

Zingerman’s Delicatessen, located at 422 Detroit St., is in a happening little town we like to call Ann Arbor. The natives of the city and those who are frequent visitors are big fans of the creamy tomato soup. A bowl costs you $5.50 and if you truly love the stuff, you can get a quart for $15.99. Another popular choice is the Jewish chicken soup. Ingredients include Amish chicken, onions, celery, carrots, thyme, bay leaves and peppers. It’s only $2.99 a bowl! You can also get a quart as well. For a little bit extra, you can add other items such as egg noodles or Matzo balls.

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‘Wiches is located at 40 N. Washington St. in Oxford. This place has won its fair share of awards for its sandwiches, including the 2012 award for “Best Sandwich Shop” on the aforementioned City Voter list. The soups are something to be reckoned with, too. French onion, roasted tomato basil bisque (smooth and creamy soup made with roasted Roma tomatoes and French Basil), smokehouse chili (it includes brisket, bacon, chipotle and more) and the Soup of the Day are all viable choices. If you’re looking for something to add to your soup order, try the macaroni and cheese or “South West Mac” with bacon, onions, jalapenos and barbecue sauce!

Dish Detroit, 18441 Mack Ave. in Detroit, is a small venue (800 square feet), which welcomes both walk-ins and carry outs. It has soup specials daily (besides Sundays when it is closed, obviously). Soups may include corn & seafood chowder, five onion, Amish chicken, gazpacho and more. The soups are made from scratch and have also won local awards. In addition, Dish has great sandwiches, pastas, salads and more.

Maceri’s Soup & Scoop sits at 47109 Hayes Rd. in Shelby Twp. The Maceri family has been serving the Detroit vicinity since 1936, needless to say that this place knows soup. The soups are made with fresh produce daily, received from both local and national farmers. Maceri’s Soup & Scoop has created more than 200 varieties of soup! So basically, you can find any type of soup you desire here. The soup and sub shop has been voted throughout the years on different mediums as Detroit’s “Best Soup,” “Best Sandwich” and even “Best Milkshake.” Plus, ice cream is served here, with up to 40 flavors at a time! Sold.

Next time you are craving a warm, creamy and delectable cup or bowl of soup, one should simply stop by any of the restaurants and sandwich shops mentioned above. Keep in mind, though, that we live in an area with a vibrant dining district. You have options when it comes to soup. Signing off.