Mongers’ Provisions Prepares for Holiday Season with New Location

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 19, 2018
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After setting up shop in Ferndale in a space shared with Michigan butcher shop Farm Field Table a year ago, Mongers’ Provisions (formerly Provisions) is ramping up to the opening of a new Detroit location later this month.

The new space at Cass and Canfield in Midtown will encompass 1,000 square feet of “just our stuff,” as Mongers’ Provisions co-founder Zach Berg says, comparing it to the shared space they have in Ferndale.

Mongers’ Provisions is headed up by Berg and his partner William Werner. Together they source high-quality cheese, meat and chocolate to sell at their store.

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“Our whole process is based on having these one-on-one connections with people,” Berg said, “sitting there and talking about the food and having a much more mindful and purposeful way than you would at a grocery store.”

The duo have had their sights set on a Detroit location from the very beginning, Berg says.


Some of the artisan chocolate available at Mongers’ Provisions. Photo courtesy of Mongers’ Provisions.

“I went through retail boot camp with Tech Town and that was a really great resource for us. I did that when [Mongers’] was still a pop-up and Will and I were [working] at Gayle’s Chocolates,” Berg said. “That program is really designed towards retail in Detroit, so that gave us a lot of time to think and work through a business model.”

As of this writing, there is no official opening date for the Detroit location, but Berg and his team are preparing to be ready for the holiday season.

“At the holidays last year, we were really just holding on for dear life [laughs],” Berg said. “After about I’d say a month, maybe it was two, we started to close on Mondays so we could make sure to reorder enough cheese.”

While preset boards were more popular than expected last holiday season, Berg was surprised at the high interest in some of the non-typical meats, such as pâtés and mousses.

Berg hopes to begin a soft opening of the Midtown store at Cass and Canfield the week following Thanksgiving, with the ultimate goal to be open by Noel Night in Detroit on December 1. Stay tuned to Mongers’ Provisions website and social media pages to know exactly when they will be opening.