Meet “The Moose”: A Wild Approach to a Great Patio!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 18, 2012
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Everyone meet Jackson.  After living a long and happy life in Yellowstone National Park, Jackson retired to become the resident moose of The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill in Bloomfield Hills.  He helped open the place in September of 1990, and since then he has been the first welcoming face that people see when they walk through the doors.

Though he is definitely one of the most popular features of The Moose Preserve, Jackson is not the only thing the bar & grill has to offer.  They also have “one of the nicest patios in the area”, says general manager, Lisa O’Shea.  “When you walk onto the patio you feel like you are in a garden”.  The garden effect is accentuated by the live Sugar Maple Tree that lives in the middle of the patio.  To accommodate the fickle nature of Michigan weather, The Moose Preserve patio not only offers areas in the shade and sun, but has plenty of heaters for guests who want to sit outside when it’s not 80 degrees and sunny.

The Moose Preserve definitely lives up to the name, showing their love for animals with the “Mutt of the Month” club.  An entire wall is dedicated to the pictures customers bring in of their dogs.  Once a month, two to three dogs are selected to be the “Mutts of the Month”.  The pooches’ pictures are then framed and they are the lucky recipients of a “doggie bag” that is actually theirs for once!  In it they’ll receive a ribbon for being awesome as well as dog toys and bones straight from The Moose Preserve kitchen (a delicacy in the dog world).  And a dog doesn’t have to be a winner to enjoy one of these delicious bones; anybody can ask to have a bone wrapped up for their pup before they leave.

Dogs aren’t the only ones enjoying the products of the kitchen.  The Moose Preserver offers delicious American-style food and a well rounded menu that features wild game specials and fantastic barbeque.  And no matter what you do, do not leave without getting the baked to order chocolate chip cookies!  They take about 10-15 minutes to bake so you might want to be proactive and order them while you are still finishing your meal.  But before you order those cookies, definitely check out the wild game dishes that make The Moose Preserve menu so unique.  Plates like the Road Kill Grill, a selection of roast venison, broiled quail and wild boar sausage topped with Michigan game gravy and the Buffaloaf Meatloaf will satisfy even your fiercest hunger.

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Great drinks are available as well and the bar & grill is now debuting a brand new 3-3-3 Happy Hour special.  $3 drinks, $3 appetizers, 3 hours a day (Monday through Friday).  There are also evening drink specials every Monday and Thursday along with free pool all day on Thursdays.

With such great food and atmosphere, The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill is a perfect place for a lunch with friends or a big birthday dinner.  They are happy to accommodate large parties and if you want to go all out, you can utilize their banquet facilities located next door at The Iroquois Club.  The banquet facility was built with the Motor City in mind, as the doors can be taken off so cars can be driven inside.  The club has hosted many car kickoff events as well as sweet sixteen’s complete with a car and a bow.  The Moose Preserve family also includes locations such as Deadwood Bar & Grill in Northville and Camp Ticonderoga in Rochester, all with the same great food and attitude.

So, whether it’s today or tomorrow, make it a point to check out The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill.  Jackson can’t wait to meet you.

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