National Mac and Cheese Day: Best Mac In The D

By: Aaron B. Cohen | July 14, 2021
Mac and cheese in Metro Detroit

Photo courtesy of Eddie V's Prime Seafood.

July 14 is National Mac and Cheese Day. Fortunately, Metro Detroit is teeming with restaurants that offer the creamy staple all days, all ways. Let’s put the 5-minute mac to the side and explore the best, real-deal mac and cheese right here in the D.

Rock City Eatery

Rock City’s mac is considered by many to be Detroit’s best. What sets it apart? It’s not just what’s in the dish, but the dish itself. Creamy, cheddar-y goodness overflowing from an edible bowl of packed parmesan cheese. The artistry is astounding, but you’ll eat it all before you even have the chance to fully appreciate the beauty.

Vinsetta Garage

The “Union Mac” pays tribute to the Clarkston Union, a restaurant owned by the same folks responsible for Vinsetta Garage’s quirky, delicious appeal. For years, this next-level mac has curbed Metro Detroiters cravings, combining bechamel, cheddar, Pinconning and parm and finishing it with a crispy top. Ham is an optional addition, but not necessary to appreciate the purity of this iconic staple. Be sure to keep an eye out for their “Mac of the Month,” where the chefs take the liberty to get creative with their already-perfect recipe.

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Redcoat Tavern

If you like garlic, Redcoat Tavern’s mac is for you. Get it as a side to your burger or Mount Vernon Sandwich (their take on the classic ham and cheese) or go all out as an entrée. The dimly-lit pub atmosphere compliments the traditional bar snack and the extensive beer selection on tap provides the opportunity to pair the perfect golden suds with your golden noodles.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

If you’re looking to take your mac to the next level, try Eddie V’s truffled mac n’ cheese. Sure, it will run you a little more than your typical side of mac but this dish is no joke. Treat yourself to the highest quality ingredients and get lost in the sauce — literally – at Eddie V’s in Troy.


Vegans, no need to feel left out. Seva has you covered with an incredible vegan mac and cheese that’s just as good as its dairy-based counterpart. The secret lies in the cashew cheese sauce that provides all the necessary creaminess, with zero animal products. While the dish is officially listed on the kid’s menu, feel no shame in declaring your right to an adult portion of this immaculate vegan option.