New Year’s resolution-friendly restaurants

By: Briana Dixon | January 9, 2023

Wrap from Cacao Tree Cafe

New year, new us, am I right? We all know how that goes. Most, if not all of us are guilty. We start the year off strong, keeping up those New Year resolutions for about a week or two, then they become like the ghost of New Year’s past. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. With so many health-focused restaurants and stores popping up, sticking to your goals can be much less strenuous and much more sustainable. Make a stop at one of these Metro Detroit healthful eateries and pick up some positive influence and motivation, along with a nutritious meal. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s more to choose from than just kale and lettuce. 


When it’s not deep-fried and drenched in mayo or nacho cheese, sushi can be a delightfully healthy treat. Sharaku in West Bloomfield prides itself on serving fresh and authentic sushi, along with other Japanese cuisines. You can also quench your thirst with traditional Japanese beverages such as sake or shochu. The menu is expansive and crawling with healthy options, including soups and salads, if sushi really isn’t your thing.

The Blue Nile

For nutrient-filled fare and an intimate experience with family and or friends, Ethiopian dining is the way to go. Not only do most meals include some kind of vegetable, along with protein and grains, but the team here assures that each guest is treated like royalty as well. The Blue Nile even boasts festive artwork, accents, and lights, allowing people to really get a feel for authentic Ethiopian culture. Gather up some friends or family and head to Ferndale or Ann Arbor and partake in a feast like no other.

Cacao Tree Cafe

From the name to the nature of the business, Cacao Tree Cafe was inspired by the history and benefits of the cacao seed. This vegetarian establishment aims to combine quality and convenience, providing raw home-cooked meals featuring vegetables or “meat” made with almonds, walnuts, and sunflowers. Try out a salad, power bowl, wrap, or sandwich, or opt for an organic smoothie with various flavors to choose from. The ingredients used at Cacao Tree Cafe were either grown by the staff or locally sourced so fresh is a guarantee.

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Courtesy of Cacao Tree Cafe

Chickpea Kitchen

If a delicious bowl, packed with plants, grains, and proteins sounds good then check out Chickpea Kitchen. Here, patrons are given the option to build their own bowl with options like chicken, beef, falafel, rice, cracked wheat, hummus, and a variety of veggies, including chickpeas (as the name suggests), or maybe give one of the wraps, soups, or salads a try. They have vegan and vegetarian options available as well.

Sprout House

Sprout House is a corner cafe and health food market, where cultivating healthy habits and lifestyles is a priority. This family-owned business has served the Grosse Pointe community with wholesome food made from scratch for over a decade. Most of their menu items are vegan or vegetarian, but there are some dishes that are served with fresh fish. And the dessert menu is sure to make your mouth water, boasting a variety of sweets and treats.