Nitrogen Cold Brew & Craft Coffee: New & Coming Soon in the D

By: Amber Ogden | August 17, 2015
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It’s the social norm that most require several cups of coffee to get through their weekdays. No matter what you do for a living, caffeine is a necessity. Consider these new and coming soon coffee shops in southeast Michigan for your fix:

Black Diesel Coffee of Ann Arbor opened in early June, where baristas were trained for nearly a month and a half beforehand; ensuring a quality product.

Generally, you’ll find a house blend and five single origin coffees on a rotating basis, with new coffees as the seasons change.

“Typically our brewed coffee on most days is our number one item. Surprisingly, the one that challenges brewed coffee on most every day is our cold brew,” Nicholas Ferris, proprietor, said.

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At Black Diesel, cold brew steeping involves an 18 to 20 hour process to create a coffee concentrate. Lastly, the concentrate is put over nitrogen to smooth it out, creating a deeper, richer coffee than you’d get with iced coffee.

“It generally takes three sips. After three sips, you’re hooked,” Ferris said of cold brew, which is poured on tap and resembles Guinness in color.

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters has been doing a steady business in Rochester for three years, and is gearing up to open another location in downtown Detroit in late September or early October.

“There will be some minor differences, but for the most part, we will focus on much of the same things. Our focus will be craft coffee, desserts and our live music. We try to create an entire experience, and we hope to be able to create that same experience in Detroit,” Nathan Hamood, co-owner, said.

Hamood is eager to start serving at the new location, and he and his team have a real vision for what they hope to bring to Capital Park.

“Detroit seemed to us the perfect place for what we are doing,” Hamood said. “It is such an exciting time for the city and the energy of the city is truly inspiring. We hope to be able to grow as a company within the city.”

Also brewing: Atomic Coffee in Royal Oak, opening soon. Stay caffeinated, everyone!