Pass That Pasta, It’s National Noodle Month

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 3, 2017
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If you are a pasta aficionado, you probably already know that March is National Noodle Month. Okay, maybe you didn’t know that, but it gives you a great excuse to indulge in many of the wonderful pasta dishes that southeast Michigan restaurants have to offer. From lasagna, to the classic spaghetti, to even mac and cheese, metro Detroit knows how to make great noodle-based dishes. We’ve written our fair share of pasta-related articles at In the D, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share them with you again to help you on your noodle eating journey this March. Enjoy!

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Originally published January 2017

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Originally published October 2016

Fettucine, Alfredo, Meatballs: It’s National Pasta Month
Originally published October 2015

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Originally published June 2015

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Originally published September 2014

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Originally published February 2013

As you can see there are plenty of local places that can satisfy your pasta needs, so get out there and celebrate National Noodle Month!

*Due to older publication dates of several articles, some menu items may have changed at the restaurants mentioned.