Perfect Pairings: Soup, Salad & Sandwich Combos in the D

By: Toni Cunningham | May 26, 2014
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Swimsuit season is imminent, and that means one thing: time to panic. Just kidding! But really—the weather is warming up, and with that, we’re shedding a few layers. If you’d also like to discard a few pounds by sticking away from fried foods and saturated fats during mealtime, all you need is some willpower.

Though it may be tough, you can still dine out with your work friends during lunchtime and not overindulge. Tons of restaurants in the Metro Detroit area offer some sort of soup, salad and/or sandwich lunch combination, where you can stick to the basics and eat a filling, guilt-free lunch. Let’s take a look!

Stage Deli, 6873 Orchard Lake Rd., West Bloomfield Twp., has a soup and sandwich combo (half of a classic sandwich with a cup of soup) for just over $10. While that may seem a little pricier than your typical soup/sandwich deal, keep in mind that the sandwiches here are piled higher than a skyscraper with deli meat, so you get what you pay for.

Classic sandwiches are served on Stage Rye and include choices like Roasted Turkey Breast, Rare Roast Beef, Hot Brisket or Beef, Hard Salami, Curry Chicken Salad, Grilled Cheese and several others. You can substitute a different bread choice and add cheese or tomato if that fits your fancy.

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Soup choices include Classic Chicken, Matzo Ball, Kreplach, Mish Mash, Diet Cabbage, Beet Borscht Deluxe, French Onion or Spicy Chili. A soup and salad combo is also available with your choice of half a Caesar, Beltaire or Greek salad with a cup of soup.

Grand Trunk Pub, 612 Woodward Ave., Detroit, has a daily lunch special until 3 p.m., Monday through Friday that consists of half a sandwich, cup of soup and side of fresh fruit for under $10.

Your sandwich options include Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Ham, Turkey or Grilled Cheese with avocado and tomato. Soup includes Chili or Grand Trunk’s soup of the day. With a piece of fruit, you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Sidetrack Bar and Grill, 56 E. Cross St., Ypsilanti, is home to a famous handcrafted burger recognized by GQ magazine, but we’re talking about lighter fare, remember? The Lunch Lady Special is served before 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, which includes a cup of homemade soup and half of any sandwich OR soup and a house salad for just $7.50.

Sidetrack’s has plenty of sandwiches to choose from, including the Louisiana White Fish Sandwich, Philly Steak Hoagie, Tempeh Philly, You Can Tune a Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish, Classic Club Sandwich, Reuben Sandwich, Turkey Reuben, The Hobo, and Grilled Cheese. Soups vary by day, but chili is always an option, and the Great House Salad includes spring greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red sweet onions and dried cherries.

Lunchtime Global, 660 Woodward Ave #110, Detroit, is a great place to grab a quick lunch at downtown’s First National Building. The café has a soup and half sandwich combo ($7.25 with a cup, $7.75 with a bowl), as well as a soup and salad combo (for the same prices).

Sandwich options include a Greek Chicken Pita Wrap, Trish’s Turkey Reuben, The Dam Ham, Falafel and Mom’s Tuna. If you’re in a salad mood, try the Thai Chicken, Fattoush, Southwestern or Insalata Caprese.

There are nearly two dozen rotating soup of the day options, and you might find varieties like Vegan Michigan Three Bean, Chicken Wild Rice, African Peanut and Cheesy Chicken Casserole on the menu.

Brioni Café & Deli, 7151 N. Main St., Clarkston, promises a taste of old world flavors with quality ingredients. Sandwiches are made with fresh Zingerman’s Bakehouse bread and Dietz and Watson lunchmeat.

Any possible combination of soup, salad and or sandwich is available, so you can pair two together or all three. Sandwiches include Brioni’s Reuben, Pesto Chicken, Pine Knob Turkey Reuben, Cuban Panini, Spicy Roast Beef and Fresh Garden Deluxe. The Spinach Orzo Pasta Salad, Chef Salad or Cherry Bomb Salad are all great choices to pair with either a sandwich or cup of soup. The soups change daily, so call before you visit or be pleasantly surprised upon your arrival!

Beezy’s Café, 20 N. Washington St., Ypsilanti, offers a half sandwich and soup combo for the low price of $7.45. You can also get just half of a sandwich for $3.95, but who would be crazy enough to do that?

Sandwiches come on your choice of homemade sourdough, cracked wheat, rye or veggie bread, and include a Roasted Chicken Club, Avocado BLT, BBQ Bacon Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Veggie and Egg Salad.

Soups change on the daily, and there is also a soup and salad combo for $7.95, which includes a slightly smaller version of any of Beezy’s specialty salads. Southwest Chicken, Cranberry Bleu Cheese and Cajun Chicken are all solid choices.

It’s fairly simple to dine out and stick to a (somewhat) healthy eating plan. You just have to be sure to resist the temptation of a burger and fries!